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  1. Nobody in particular

    Sherlock Holmes

    Has anybody seen it yet ?? I went last night to see it. Was surprisingly very very good. Highly recommend it ! :p Trailer :
  2. Nobody in particular

    Some Friday Humour

    Not sure if this has been posted before, I couldn't find it anywhere. A mate of mine showed me this a while ago, and said that it reminded him of me at work :( lol. Enjoy :
  3. Nobody in particular


    Hi folks, Yesterday I came back from Holiday. Myself and a few mates went to Dublin. It was the best 4 days of my life!!!! :) Had such a good laugh. We arrived there about 22.30 Friday night, and got back about 9ish Yesterday morning. The first night we got lost and came across a Mc Donalds...
  4. Nobody in particular

    Something to keep you entertained through your Lunch break

    Such a great game, have a go and see if you can complete the game, without smashing your pc in frustration :p : But be warned, it's very addictive :D Enjoy lol.
  5. Nobody in particular

    For christopherpostill

    When I turned 18, I sent my application off for the Specials. (With them not recruiting regulars at the moment) Recieved a letter a probably last week from them, inviting me to to take the PIR Test. Test is 7/7/9 at 16.45 Already reading through the "How to pass the Police Initial Recruitment...
  6. Nobody in particular

    One for Rush

    2009/10 Fixture List :thumb:,,10310~1694360,00.html
  7. Nobody in particular

    Job Interview - Your advice please

    Hi Folks, I have a job interview next week (Thursday 4th June) At the NHS Royal Infirmary for IT Service Delivery Support Analyst. Any advice or tips would be greatly apprieciated :thumb: I currently work as an IT Technician - been so for about a year and a half. But I think it's time for a...
  8. Nobody in particular

    Windows Vista Windows Vista SP2

    SP2 for Vista has been released. According to a post made on Engadget some of the new features include : I haven't yet installed it myself, but, will post an update once I have :p Linky for download ...
  9. Nobody in particular

    Messing in the garden with my new camera

    Bought myself a new camera. It's the first decent one I've had, so I'm still getting to grips with it lol. It's a Canon Ixus 95 IS - very impressed with it so far. Good quality build, still finding new features. Not bad price either. With the nice weather we had on Saturday, took some test...
  10. Nobody in particular

    Facebook App for Windows Mobile

    I only found out yesterday that this exists for Win Mob :wall: Downloaded and installed it this morning on my TyTN II - nice piece of software, just chuck the .cab file into you Mobile and run it from there. Nice UI, big menu buttons which is great for finger touch instead of the stylus :)...
  11. Nobody in particular

    Nokia's durability test

    Ever wondered how durable you mobile actually is ?? Wonder no more lol... I was quite intrigued by the durability test, with the pair of trousers :p
  12. Nobody in particular

    Google car gets trapped

    It seems that people wern't to happy with seeing the googe car :p
  13. Nobody in particular

    One to look out for...

    The T***s who created Vundo have created a new virus that infects the system, and encrypts the users My Document’s – and then tries to make the user buy some software to decrypt the files. The following site has some excellent information on removing it, including tools to decrypt the files...
  14. Nobody in particular

    For gamers with triple Monitors

    The joys of having 3 monitors now has another advantage For gamers who have a second card in their PC (Not running in SLI or Crossfire) and running 3 monitors, there is a bit of software called SoftTH (Software TripleHead) which will make a game span all 3 monitor, giving you a better field...
  15. Nobody in particular

    Quake Live Quake Live site (You can sign up from from here as well) : I signed up earlier, unfortunatly, you have to wait in a "queue" before you can play, to prevent the Servers from overloading.
  16. Nobody in particular

    I'm in the wrong job lol

    Enjoy :thumb:
  17. Nobody in particular

    Geforce FX 5200 PCI Graphics Card Problem

    I have bought a PCI Graphics Card, I installed the card, then changed the Onboard VGA Graphics to PCI in the BIOS, then when the PC restarts, it gets to the boot screen, then the monitor stays black. The Monitor has signal (the green light is on) but there is nothing on screen. :wall: Device...
  18. Nobody in particular

    Google's new phone...

    The new Google Phone, does the most wierdest and probably most annoying thing, Once the phonehas been rebooted, and the user starts a conversation, and types the word "reboot" the phone reboots itself :confused:
  19. Nobody in particular

    Bond, James Bond...

    Anybody here seen the new Bond film, Quantum Of Solace ? If so, what do ya think if it :D
  20. Nobody in particular

    Slooooowwww Virgin Media Broadband

    Recently my internet connection has been so slow, I should get 10Mb, but half the time it feels like I'm on Dial Up :p Anyone else with Virgin Media who are having similer problems ? :wall: