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    Found this site recently, which, once an account is registered with; will allow you to see your last 5 years worth of credit history and associated data - completely FREE, instantly online, forever! :thumb:
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    A little request

    Hi Everyone, I’m supporting my crazy sister who aims to cover 2012km in the gym before the start of the 2012 London Olympics! The purpose behind this is to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. If you’re able to spare a £1 or more, my sister and I would be extremely grateful, as giving...
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    I'm angry and annoyed at the stupidity of one of my colleagues who managed to place my 1TB iomega external HDD into the FUBAR category... after knocking it off my pc-base, onto the floor... It won't even power up properly now - even extracted and connected as an additional internal HDD... It...
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    Putting obsolete hardware to good use? :bow:
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    Hello :)

    It's been a while, huh? :) :wave: How are y'all keeping? :D
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    Bargain Like Burgers?

    Hey strangers.. how've y'all been? :D Found this and thought I'd share with all you fellow burger munchers.. ;) Enjoy!! ;) Kev
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    I'm back!

    Hello friends! Sorry I haven't really been on much at all recently. I've been busy with things then got into the habit of not coming to PCReview.. How are you all? Did you have a nice Xmas? How's the crunching been? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :D All the best! Kev
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    My new toy... ;)

    It's gonna be a great summer! ;)
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    Fantasy MotoGP

    Hope you've all done your transfers, ready for tomorrow's race? hehe May the best man/woman come in 2nd after me! :lol: :D hehe :wave:
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    Hi all, I'm trying to find a decent dual disk (for RAID 1) NAS, running 1gigabit ethernet with full webserver (php?) capabilities... Currently looking at this: Although I don't know whether this will run the php webserver - any ideas or...
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    Windows XP Free - Portable Apps Suite

    I know this has been mentioned in this Forum on previous occasions but I think it's a nice post to perhaps close and make sticky. ? [There may be better apps in each category; but this, to me, is an invaluable USB Drive FREE App toolkit!] :thumb: ALL FREE APPLICATIONS - Win XP and Vista...
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    and so it begins (my turn!)

    Ordered a 19" TV/Monitor for someone else to give to their mum as an Xmas pressie... From ARIA. Had lots of no-hassle purchases from them in the past. The delivery was impressive and FREE for this monitor. Trouble is - after opening it up to inspect it, it looks like I've been sent a...
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    Hello everybody, I'd appreciate some comments on replacement PSU's.. But let me start from the beginning! I recently replaced my mobo.. installing a nice core2 cpu. Been fine for a few days, left crunching so no obvious power-related issues.. Tonight, I plugged in a microphone into the...
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    Okay, time has come for me to get her top off! My HP DV4170us has a fault which requires me to us it at funny angles. Or it just freezes - Even system clock. No crash, no errors....until it's happy with the position it's being used in. (Tried different HD + XP Build and reseating RAM -...
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    How much ya willing to spend on a case - Oh & NO PSU!

    Now this is getting stoopid! :-o
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    Cheaper Smoothies etc!! Please vote :)

    Hi all, Innocent Drinks have spear headed a campaign to reduce VAT to 5% on their Smoothies. (Plus all other fruit/veg based drinks). I have, personally, validated this with them. Please visit and add your vote! If you agree with them and me...
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    My new toy...

    What do ya think? :)
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    Doomed Laptop?

    Hi, I have a very strange fault with my HP Pavilion 4170us laptop; making it almost impossible to use - which kind of takes 3 possibly related parts.. 1) Battery discharging itself by upto 50% overnight. 2) CPU usage hits 99% (and stays there) for the 'System' Process (NOT System Idle!)...
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    Stop the 'Travel Tax'!

    Hey all - You may wish to view/append this list.. Looks to be genuine to me :(
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    ...about time?

    Good day fellow Forum members! It's quite overdue now, so here's a little insight into who the Kevster actually is.. I'm a 31 year old Piscean of the red-headed variety! I work as a Team Leader for a Support Team; as part of the largest ECM Vendor. I live near Reading in Berkshire with my...