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  1. Nobody in particular

    Happy Birthday Nobody in particular!

    Many thanks all for the Birthday wishes. Apologies I've been pretty quiet for a while. Been really busy with work, hobbies and looking for a house with the Mrs. I have been checking here when I get chance to see whats been going on :)
  2. Nobody in particular

    Windows 7 Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Released

    Windows Update has flashed up with it this morning. Just installing it now...
  3. Nobody in particular

    Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

    Nothing where I am, the weather is really naff. Nothing but rain and cloud :(
  4. Nobody in particular

    New site lookin reeeeeal goood

    This is the first time, that I have properly had time/chance to post and browse the site. Loving the new look to the site Ian. :thumb:
  5. Nobody in particular

    Hello !

    Hi, Welcome to the Forum. Enjoy your stay :)
  6. Nobody in particular

    Why Teachers Drink

    Haha, seen a few of those before, always a good laugh though :) Cheers for sharing the humour!
  7. Nobody in particular

    Best Paint Job On A Bus?

    Wow, some amazing artwork there!! Shame they haven't got that on the buses round here :nod:
  8. Nobody in particular

    Itsme's Birthday

    Oops. Late again. Happy Birthday !! Hope you had a good day :wave:
  9. Nobody in particular

    CCleaner v3 Released

    Cheers. Just downloaded :)
  10. Nobody in particular

    Hi All, New Member

    Hi there. Welcome aboard sir
  11. Nobody in particular

    Heya ^^

    How do. Welcome to PCR :wave:
  12. Nobody in particular

    I love Asus

    Hahahaha Love it!!!!
  13. Nobody in particular

    Birthday Greetings CITech

    Happy Birthday!! have a jolly good day
  14. Nobody in particular

    I want everybody to watch this please

    Don't really know what to say. Words seems irrelevant and cannot express how amazing that bloke is. Very touching video. Thanks for sharing
  15. Nobody in particular

    The Meerkat and the Big Cat

    Aww, some really good pics there. Thanks for sharing TC :)
  16. Nobody in particular

    The ultimate

    Looks good, very much doubt I could manage that :O wouldn't mind giving it ago though :D
  17. Nobody in particular

    men, ok, and girls ... what aftershave do you use?

    Use a few things... Diesel - the white one Paul Smith Blue Jeans Joop Doesn't always sting too much though :p
  18. Nobody in particular

    Holy help

    Hahahaha. I like !! Sorry TC I stole it and passed it on :p
  19. Nobody in particular

    Happy Birthday Rush!!

    Happy Birthday Rush !!! Impressed that I managed to get here on time, rather then days later :p
  20. Nobody in particular

    Hoppy go unlucky

    Get well soon Capain !! All the best mate :thumb: