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  1. Frodo

    A negative display watch

    Thank you .
  2. Frodo

    A negative display watch

    Recently started wearing my watch again after years stuck in the box.
  3. Frodo

    A negative display watch

    I kinda like it but if I could change one thing I would loose the 10 year battery lettering on the bezel but yes it’s quite smart.
  4. Frodo

    Restart Windows - now stuck

    I did my wife’s laptop recently and yes it was taking ages I was thinking of turning off them back on but left it another 30 mins and sure enough it sorted its self out.
  5. Frodo

    News Windows 11 Download

    I got the sod off message too but after reading above I’m not that bothered now.
  6. Frodo

    Hisense TVs any good?

    My Samsung has just developed thin black lines starting at the right of the screen and going a quarter of the way along. Most noticeable on green background so it spoils football,it’s a fair few years old now so I think it’s time to look for a new one.
  7. Frodo

    Fixing dents on a car door at home

    A PDR paintless dent repair may well sort this out,parking dings are a pet hate of mine sorry you encountered this.
  8. Frodo

    Hisense TVs any good?

    Richer Sounds is worth a look.
  9. Frodo

    Apple admits slowing older iPhones

    Ive done that on a regular basis Ian,2 weird things today,1 I've sorted a long running printer problem I found there was a piece of torn paper wrapped around half of the roller,the half that you can't see much of inside the machine of course :D and 2 found this on my local forum today someone...
  10. Frodo

    Apple admits slowing older iPhones

    Hi Ian,it's not only that mine is an old IPad 2 and since Apple stopped supporting it it's sort of slowly killing it,web pages won't load videos won't play it loses wi if connection for no apparent reason it crashes and restarts all the time,then it will be fine for a week ? I'm now in that...
  11. Frodo

    Apple admits slowing older iPhones

    I have no evidence apart from my own experience but I'm pretty sure Apple do this with the IPad too.
  12. Frodo

    The Oscars - Best Picture Fail.

    It was so rude how the bald headed guy snatched the paper from Beatty.
  13. Frodo

    Site Down @ 09:03 Today?

    All ok with me ta Ian :thumb:
  14. Frodo

    Sound Bar for TV

    I've tried several in the past ended up with a Yamaha YSP 2200 was about £600 but can't beat it for movie sound or music in the soundbar world you really do get what you pay for it all depends on what you are happy with. HDMI is the way to go as far as I know the usb on the tv is for playing avi's.
  15. Frodo

    Site Down @ 09:03 Today?

    Maybe it was because I thought I hadn't logged on here for a while and decided to come in and have a look around :lol: good to see lots of names I remember hope all you guys are ok.
  16. Frodo

    Festive Day on 25th December

    I haven't been around for a while and also don't buy in to Christmas but whatever you guys do over this season enjoy it be happy and safe.
  17. Frodo

    Review CCleaner

    I run CC cleaner once a week love the programe.
  18. Frodo

    It's TriplexDread's Birthday!

    Sorry i'm late but hope you had a very happy birthday.
  19. Frodo

    Free Office Software

    Libre is a new one on me but looks interesting,as an update she downloaded OF it didn't seem to work right at first but as it was a new lappy Microsoft were throwing alsorts of updates at it and i think it may have interfered with it,removed the programe and downloaded again and all is fine...
  20. Frodo

    Free Office Software

    Awwwwww thanks guys you've made an old woman very happy :D