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  1. Dean777

    Overclock i7 worth it?

    Is it really worth the effort to overclock? I don't know that's why I'm asking. Would I notice a real improvement in performance if I overclocked my i7? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you
  2. Dean777

    Canon TS5060 Inkjet Printer

    Hi Folks If you are after a new printer for your home or small office then take a look at the Canon TS5060. It is perhaps one of the best inkjet printers that Canon have released in years. What I like about it is it's compact size, it's ease of use and with Canon's thermal printhead it is less...
  3. Dean777

    Signature in Profile

    Hi Folks Can someone please enlighten me about the "signature" box in our profile. What should I put there? Sorry but This is only my second forum that I have been involved with. Thank you in advance. Dean