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  1. legless1

    Looking for some feedback on my website

    just an observation....:brow: .....on your site you offer 120mm case fan filters but puzzling no 120mm case fans..?? i think they may be becoming more popular these days....considering the racket that pc's are starting to generate due to hotter cpu's and overclocking + cases are now appearing in...
  2. legless1

    where do i buy a new pc from

    the problem with all large manufacturers is that with the volume the sell you're bound to get a few bad eggs + aftersales service are you prepared to wait hours on a premium line for a response from customer service...then find you're in India and can't make heads or tails of what they're saying...
  3. legless1

    Old Komplett Comments

    bought items three times from them......the first time they included wrong cooler and when i contacted them they apolgised told me to keep it and sent me another free also offered a discount off my next order....[so i bought a probs] second time mobo...carriers mislaid it for a couple...