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  1. Frodo

    Site Down @ 09:03 Today?

    All ok with me ta Ian :thumb:
  2. Frodo

    Site Down @ 09:03 Today?

    Maybe it was because I thought I hadn't logged on here for a while and decided to come in and have a look around :lol: good to see lots of names I remember hope all you guys are ok.
  3. Frodo


    Trying:p ;) :D :eek: :thumb: Nice one
  4. Frodo


    Smilies have never worked for me.
  5. Frodo

    Recommended Buys - Advice Needed

    The basic idea seems to be an excellent one and i would read and learn a lot from it.
  6. Frodo

    Back in Action!!!

    I sort of knew it before i read this thread because of the number of users on line in the week it was between 40 to 60 when i visited today 176,just goes to show i guess.