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  1. Rush

    JoyFreak here!

  2. Rush

    Hello From Boston

    Hello Ziad:)
  3. Rush

    About myself

    Welcome :D
  4. Rush

    Hi everyone!

    Hello :)
  5. Rush


  6. Rush

    I ma here

    Flops you devil...hiya m8 and welcome
  7. Rush

    hey everybody

    Another joker :) , hi :wave:
  8. Rush

    Hope this forum helps me.

    Welcome :wave:
  9. Rush

    Dave the bass says hello...

    Well hello and welcome Dave the bass. A finer friend of mr Flops..better your name be 43 years old...vintage year born then too....year of all things fine. like you i dont want to grow up... ..either (go on admit it ), although skateboarding is a excercise too...
  10. Rush

    Alohaz Gangstaz

    Welcome aboard the good ship ...?? :)
  11. Rush


    Hello and welcome , Esperanza usted disfruta de su tiempo aquí mi amigo :)
  12. Rush

    Introduced Myself Here

    Welcome and Hello :)
  13. Rush


    If you are a novice and want to learn then stay and "become evolved" , we will pass on most of our knowledge to anyone who wants it...Our community is open to all , so become involved in all aspects of the site and most of all enjoy your time here .Sarcasm is abundant but take it at face...
  14. Rush


    Stay with us..welcome m8 :)
  15. Rush

    new here

    Welcome :wave: yes Murdoch..that still is one of my favourites m8 :)
  16. Rush

    hi from Canada

    Hello and welcome..get me Geddys autograph (all the best Paul ) and you have free reign here m8 :)
  17. Rush

    The Introduction of Jason.369

    Ay up Jason .. ps may need support sometimes m8 ..
  18. Rush


    Hello firstly and welcome to the forums... missed the addict :) An admin will tell you about your posts..but the rules are somewhere around here...:wave:
  19. Rush

    Hi :D ....

    Come to the right place m8 ..welcome :D fire away ......
  20. Rush


    Welcome to the forum :D