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  1. Taino

    Securing iPads and Tablets

    iPad and Tablet security Currently, the biggest dangers to iPads and tablets (or PadTab’s as I call them) is not from malware, nor viruses, not even worms. That is because Android is baked around a Linux kernel, with a center written in C (Carmel Center) and all wrapped in a Java crust . The...
  2. Taino


    Nice to c new and old folk. I have been busy, ITIL(work) Xoom (toy), I have a smoking new i7, rates a 7.6 or 7.8 on MS rating scale. nice to get back here
  3. Taino

    Malware issues

    I have a computer I foolishly said I would look at (4 a friend). It has a nasty little Trojan known as “SpyShredder” I have uninstalled as per Symantec instructions Deleted all reg key values by hand Deleted all associated files {including uninstall} Disabled systems restore and used McFee...
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    Editorial Black Hat, Black Heart

    Taino submitted a new article: Black Hat, Black Heart - Black Hat, Black Heart Read more about this article...
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    Hello people's

    Buy memory my dear friends, you can ill afford not to. Well in the states anyway, I purchased 512MB of DDR400 (PC3200) for $ 70 US, or about 39 Lbs. moves me to the 1024MB range, life is good.
  6. Taino

    OpenSUSE project

    Novell announced the creation of the openSUSE project, a new initiative sponsored by Novell aimed at promoting the adoption of Linux worldwide. Hosted at , the project provides free and easy access to the world's most usable Linux distribution, SUSE Linux.
  7. Taino

    Taino greetings

    Greetings I am enjoying you site, I to am doing some reading and getting into how things work here. So far I like what I see, I am on the weird side, so fear not. I have uploaded a couple of my graphics, i will post more but i didn't want to hog things up. Nice to be joining you. I have been...