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  1. Frodo

    Fixing dents on a car door at home

    A PDR paintless dent repair may well sort this out,parking dings are a pet hate of mine sorry you encountered this.
  2. Frodo

    Hisense TVs any good?

    Richer Sounds is worth a look.
  3. Frodo

    The Oscars - Best Picture Fail.

    It was so rude how the bald headed guy snatched the paper from Beatty.
  4. Frodo

    Festive Day on 25th December

    I haven't been around for a while and also don't buy in to Christmas but whatever you guys do over this season enjoy it be happy and safe.
  5. Frodo

    It's TriplexDread's Birthday!

    Sorry i'm late but hope you had a very happy birthday.
  6. Frodo

    The Jeremy Kyle Show - Skull Face Tattoo

    Looks like he fell asleep in a room full of kids with marker pens.
  7. Frodo

    Birthday Greetings (Belated) to Ian

    Happy birthday Ian. Uploaded with
  8. Frodo

    How much is my PC worth?

    I think computers are like cars they're never worth what you think they are worth when it comes to selling them.
  9. Frodo

    Impending disaster/gaga overload

    She'll catch her death in that outfit :D
  10. Frodo

    It's Chris Postill's Birthday

    Sorry i'm late happy birthday Chris.
  11. Frodo

    men, ok, and girls ... what aftershave do you use?

    Jeez too many to list really i'm a bit of a tart.I often mix a 2 or 3 different ones but never with my all time fave Brut Musk,if you can track it down it's worth the effort knickers drop at a hundred yards with it :)
  12. Frodo

    Mesh Computers Complaints

    I was under the impression the PC mags give Mesh good reviews because Mesh bung them lots of money for advertising,make your own mind up if it's palm greasing i know what i think :)
  13. Frodo

    Mesh Computers Complaints

    How the hell does this company keep getting away with this kind of thing ? If people did a bit more research before placing an order they would better off.
  14. Frodo

    It's Alf's Birthday!

    Happy birthday Alf.
  15. Frodo

    Mucks is the Birthday Boy!

    Happy birthday hope it's been a good one.
  16. Frodo

    "Father" Of The PC Dies.

    Story here... The "father of the personal computer" who kick-started the careers of Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen has died at the age of 68. Dr Henry Edward Roberts was the inventor of the Altair 8800, a machine that sparked...
  17. Frodo

    Mesh Computers

    Shame Mesh don't seem to improve,they are selling on shopping tv still so there will be more unhappy people like you.Hope it's sorted soon.
  18. Frodo

    Timely reminder

    Yep UK there's snow for some of us next week.
  19. Frodo

    Timely reminder

    Is summer on it's way now ? it's sunny here today quite pleasant but weather forecast says snow for us next week.
  20. Frodo

    HD Drive Problem

    Lost count of the times a restart sorted problems out on my pc glad it's sorted.