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    Cybersecurity Knowledge Quiz

    I got 9. Missed the VPN question at the end. Dammit!!
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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    A facinating insight to a PCB factory using pick and place machines and wave soldering
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    windwithme Computex 2019 New stuff and Show Girl report

    Great photos again WindWithMe, well done :)
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    Windows 10 The Borg got me !!!

    You can them cheaper than that. I have also bought several Win7 Keys in past builds for friends. They all work effortlessly without issue
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    Death Stranding release date and trailer

    Not at 50 Quid I'm not :(
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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    A vintage Handgun restoration. How on earth he remembered where all the bit went I don't know
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    Summer of '69

    lol Ace pal, a blast from the past
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    TicToc TicToc

    Dammit i'm up early enough as it is ;)
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    Bargain SSD Bargain

    Just bought this. It is not fully compatible with my board but I want it to be future proof for when I upgrade maybe next year To use it I had to buy an adaptor I probably wont get the full speeds...
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    Bargain SSD Bargain

    Wow Prices have come down. Some other amazing deals over at scan as well as this one Speeds aren't top range but for the price?
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    Speeding the development of a fusion machine for unlimited energy!

    There are many, many things kept secret Many, many, many things!!
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    Speeding the development of a fusion machine for unlimited energy!

    Whatever happens, rest assured no matter how cheap it is for them. It won't be for us. Someone, somewhere, always wants to make billions The bills will not get cheaper
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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    This guy is nuts
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    Corsair H100i

    I'm finding the fans are running too fast while connected to the block in return making quite a lot of noise compared to my last fan I would like to make a profile in some way to be able to detect temps and adjust automatically. AS far as I'm aware it can only be done via LINK software while...