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    Let's name the Top Most Topic... most popular among the members

    From the replies you have received it is plainly not ;)
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    Huge Video File After Edit

    It depends on the format you have used and the settings for that format?
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    How do you guys feel about Trump withdrawing troops from Syria?

    Especially when GDPR banners pop up on website you try to visit! Another one bites the dust!
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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    Lots of effort gone into this. Not sure I would have the patience tbh Making a Solenoid Boxer 4 Engine Oh, it bewildered me how he/she keeps those fingernails so clean if doing this all the time! hmmmmmm
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    Taking food abroad

    I'm no longer in doubt.
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    Taking food abroad

    No pal, the sliced ham and stuff are quite expensive. About 2.50euro a pack if I remember correctly from last year. The cheese I don't think I went near anyway because of prices
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    Taking food abroad

    Does anyone know if taking grated cheese and ham is allowed on flights to Greece? I can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere on the web. It says hard cheese is ok but nothing about grated Ham I'm sure is ok as well as it is all sealed and dated on the pack, is it the same for cheese...
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    Bargain Are you on o2? £300 off an iphone Xs 512GB

    They took £149 out of my account the other week, my fault I suppose because I used all my monthly minutes up but £31 for a 1hr15min convo with a friend is pure extortion. Cut a long story short they refunded me the money and put me on a better tariff. I also took all my loyalties with me...
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    Bargain Are you on o2? £300 off an iphone Xs 512GB

    Not looked into it but here it is £300 off an IPHONEXS300 when applying this code. Click the link and scroll down a little to offer
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    News UK Smart Meter rollout delayed by 4 more years

    Enough big brother crap going on as it is. Waste of time money and effort stay away. You cannot be forced to have one I'm on prepay electric and quarterly gas. I pay for what I use any way I don't want to look and panic about boiling a kettle more than 4 times a day. Pathetic
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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    OMG this guy is just ridiculous STAY AWAY FROM MY HOME NUTTER I was in bulk watching this idiot
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    Windows 7 Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end

    I'm running win7, as Mucks suggested carry on using it. Microsoft is just scaremongering
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    News 419m phone numbers leaked in Facebook data breach

    A leak is a leak, old or not! Many people like myself keep their phone numbers for many years
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    PUBG Players?

    I have both. Found APEX difficult to master and PUBG annoying as I was shooting at people but nothing was happening. They would just shoot back at me and kill me. My language during gameplay was very choice I am willing to give it another go though PUBG that is