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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    Not sure I like model trains this much? What you lot think?
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    The PCR Movies Thread!

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    Today I learned...

    Today I learned my sons cat Elsa only loves us if we have food. Otherwise she will go and lay down elsewhere. How Naive of me for thinking otherwise :(
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    TV Shows!

    I've been watching it. My lad loves it too. He is also itching for the new season of The Orville. Won't be on until next year now though :( Booo
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    Switched, powered USB3.0 hubs fail after a short time?

    Oooh yeah. Post gone now. Thought you were talking to me tbh lol
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    Switched, powered USB3.0 hubs fail after a short time?

    These things are usally made from substandard parts i'm afraid. They are built to last maybe a year or two at best. Unless buying from a reputable manufaturer this is what happens. Cheap is not always the best way to go as well you have learned Have a look at these...
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    Voice to Text Technology - Advice Please?

    Lots of phones and tablets have this already built in via the "accessibility application option." It will vary from phone to phone. But I know my Samsung s6 has it and all the iphones I have used have it. Also google has it for maps and browsing etc Here is Apple device...
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    FreeNAS hardware

    Yes I know mate. Money is extremely tight at present...Extremely. So it can wait :)
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    New Build for my Son

    Not really, License is tied to machine...
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    New Build for my Son

    Don't buy a disc version of Windows. Simply download it from MS website and but a legit key from a rep provider £10 for a Windows 10 Key Let me know and I will PM you the site. Not sure if a link is allowed?
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    Rip Sean Connery

    Yes Absolutely Sir it is ;)
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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Pre-Orders go live TODAY

    Did it arrive mate?
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    Rip Sean Connery

    Yeah a shame
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    FreeNAS hardware

    I was going to run it from a small USB 3 pendrive?
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    Rip Sean Connery

    A shame and a legend :(