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    Dell proprietary kit

    The problem a couple of years ago was that their power supplies and motherboards looked like they were standard ATX, however the power connectors on both used a proprietary Dell Pin out which meant that introducing either a standard motherboard or Power supply into the equation would result in...
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    Dell proprietary kit

    I know for sure that Dell used to use their own proprietary "interpretation" of the ATX standard in their PC's which made upgrading them a real pain. Does anybody know if this practice has ceased or they are still doing it. Also, what other companies are doing the same thing with their pre-builds?
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    Looking for a good cheap PC

    Hmmm Dell...everybody says Dell. I've looked (and will probably continue to look) at Dell, but I'm not entirely convinced. I dont mind low performance, but their budget systems all seem to be built round the "No performance" Celery which I would prefer to avoid. The fact that they are a big...
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    Looking for a good cheap PC

    I would like to buy my sister a PC. A basic, budget, package that includes Monitor, Keyboard, hard drive, optical storage etc. I would ideally like to avoide proprietary system builders who's systems cannot be simply upgraded in a few months with a Motherboard/CPU upgrade. Also, a good retailer...
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    Where are all the GOOD retailers?

    I see a LOT of companies getting binned here, and while its usefull to know before you buy a PC or expensive component from one it would be really nice once in a while to see a retailer getting a glowing recommendation, indeed more than one. Are they all so terribly bad or is it simply human...
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    Old Komplett Comments

    Re: Komplett I cannot commnet on But as a Brit living in Sweden I miss the wide choice of online stores that exist there and which drive down proces both online and on the highstreet. I often purchase from the UK anyway, but this can be complicated, often involves paying extra for...
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    Old Amazon Comments

    Re: Amazon I have used Amazon a few times for a few different things and in general my experience has been good/OK. However, I placed an order for 2 CD's on 11th Jan 2005. One was sourced through a 3rd party in Canada and the other sourced in the UK. UK despatch did not occur until late...
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    Old Overclockers UK Comments

    Re: Overclockers UK I used Overclockers Uk a couple of years ago, they were competitive, quick and precise in delivery of my order and a reasonable trouble free and pleasant online purchasing experience. However, it seems that recently they have become a little more Overclocker.sUk
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    Old Dabs Comments

    Re: Dabs I'm surprised to see so much praise for Dabs here. With zero telephone customer support and non-existent online/e-mail support I must confess that before I have even placed a purchase I am already put off. A simple product enquiry has generated nothing but "auto-generated" replies and...
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    Old Crucial UK Comments

    Re: Crucial UK I couldnt praise Crucial highly enough!! Easy to use web-site, great prices, good product, fast delivery and fantastic customer support. Any problems I've had with crucial, ever have been cleared up with an e-mail or a phone call and the goods still sent off for delivery within 2...