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    UK Government must act on e-crime

    gullible peaple are always the victims whether on the net or not. That's life. I do agree they should do more but common sense goes along way. It's not as if someone can rob your wallet at knife point whilst surfin the net. 99% percent of cyber crime depends on user error.
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    what a thread. printed it, framed it and it;s going on the wall!
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    Just opened up a G3 iMac...

    urgh a mac, kill it, kill it now.
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    Blue Stop error Screen

    Click and read.
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    download error

    possible corrupt NIC, NIC driver, patch cable or all three.
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    Outlook Spell check problems Outlook 2003 - HELP!!!

    Lol, very good to see it happening the other way around David. Try installing latest office service pack, failing that try logging on with a different user account and see if the same problem exists. If it doesn't then try a profile reset (deleted and recreate your user profile).
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    Outlook Spell check problems Outlook 2003 - HELP!!!

    if your using word as your email editor (most likely) then open word and goto tools then options, you can configure the spell checker language from there.
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    consoles are for boys. PC's are for men (with too much time on their hands!)
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    virgin from the paper

    i get the full speed and i'm on Virgin cable. Granted the speed dips a bit at peak times. but generally it's fine. expensive but it's the best connection i've ever had.
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    Windows XP client computer internet browser connection issue

    it just means that it isn't not set correctly ;) got START -> RUN -> type CMD -> type IPCONFIG /ALL Post the output on here.
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    Processor Speed

    i'll second that. Laptop CPU's (processors) are optimised for mobile use, they have a lower clock speed to save on power consumption and usually a larger L1/L2 cache to compensate for the lower clock speed. The above CPU is roughly equilivant to a 3Ghz desktop CPU.
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    Windows XP client computer internet browser connection issue

    check you have DNS servers configured. easiest way to check if DNS is set correctly and working to type the following in to the address bar in IE
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    error message

    try last know good configuration from the startup menu. It'll load the registry from the last time you logged on successfully.
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    Whether your planning a night out down the pub, going shopping with the Mrs, cutting the lawn, trimming your hedges, arguing with loved ones or getting to the point of throwing your PC out of the window. Just be happy that you have the chance to do all the things you love and hate. Take a...
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    Is there any point...

    put it this way potguy, you'd notice a bigger difference if you spent the £50 on pot.