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    Replace dots in values

    Muckshifter so now ur blaming Barnum on us, I think not. Barnum Surname Origin Local A corruption of Bearnham, the town in the wood or hill. Bern, in the Swiss language, signifies a bear. This family was originally of Southwick, County Hants, England. lol
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    Replace dots in values

    Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing What is it I don't know, our HR uses SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) I think they share DB's you can subscribe to, so that they all sing the same song. Like qualifications for positions. Thats why they ask for ITIL now all over...
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    Error 721

    Hello Elder I am not sure what your connection issue is, but frankly getting a new Operating System, is an urgency for you. Support for Windows 2000 ended July 13, 2010. This means your computer is increasing more vulnerable to every kind of bad thing out there. This means that most...
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    Securing iPads and Tablets

    iPad and Tablet security Currently, the biggest dangers to iPads and tablets (or PadTab’s as I call them) is not from malware, nor viruses, not even worms. That is because Android is baked around a Linux kernel, with a center written in C (Carmel Center) and all wrapped in a Java crust . The...
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    Outlook 2007 will send emails but not receive them

    Jess did you get this issue solved or could you still use some help?
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    Nice to c new and old folk. I have been busy, ITIL(work) Xoom (toy), I have a smoking new i7, rates a 7.6 or 7.8 on MS rating scale. nice to get back here
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    Glad to be here

    Welcome My neighbor is called Milton and he plays pool, fancy that welcome!
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    Malware issues

    The removal Here is how I finally cleaned out this pesky software. Follow the removal instruction provided on the Symantec web site. It is best to boot into the “safe mode without a network” to do your work. Use some application that will let you see what...
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    How long have you used the internet for?

    Good old old times Before 1988 we would connect to billboards here in the states; These were file storage and sharing sites proved by computer companies. We would upload drivers mostly and I am ashamed to say so but girlie pictures (totally not porn) swim suits.....{Taino hangs head in shame}...
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    Malware issues

    Muck-man scan is absolutely Free, removal requires buying the software.... which makes these guys helpful to the point of being suspect, wink, wink, know what I mean.....thanks anyway PR
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    Malware issues

    I have a computer I foolishly said I would look at (4 a friend). It has a nasty little Trojan known as “SpyShredder” I have uninstalled as per Symantec instructions Deleted all reg key values by hand Deleted all associated files {including uninstall} Disabled systems restore and used McFee...
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    We will remember them

    Never forget We should always pay our respect to the warriors, They take up arms in our behalf ! It is also honorable to pray for an end to all wars every were.
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    Review iPod Nano

    I just recently had my shuffle replaced as a b-day gift, by a nano. I was surprised to find every video format I dragged to my little pod refuse to function. It took me a few hours to acquire, software and convert my personal videos into DivX…I found SUPER {Simplified Universal Player Encoder &...
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    What is Linux ?

    Remember the ancient ones When Linus Torvalds began to work on the Linux kernel it was dependent on the MINIX user space. Minix was developed by Dr. Andrew Stuart "Andy" Tanenbaum a professor of Torvalds, and ex-New yorker. Richard Matthew Stallman launched the GNU Project to create a free...
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    Greetings HI:thumb: Where is my spider Ian, you didn't smash it now did you? Found it, neverrrrr mind