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    Windows XP Proret. msi

    Office keeps the installation files on the disc and this can be accessed through the Repair option from Add or Remove Programmes. By clicking on Change you will get some choice. Just select Reinstall or Repair and this should do the trick.
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    Windows XP WiFi Issue - Losing connection

    I'd look for malware with updated Malwarebytes first. It did the same in safe mode as the same service was fully loaded. I'm thinking of the Wireless Zero Configuration service as it's definitely software. Go to Start -> Run -> Services.msc, search for Wireless Zero Configuration, open the...
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    Windows XP How to find assigned 'keyboard shortcuts'?

    hi, check this thread out There are some apps listed which you may find helpful here/
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    Outlook outlook express .pst file problem

    I think that there was some confusion between using MS Outlook's files and Outlook Express files. Express doesn't read .pst, they're only good for MS Outlook. Outlook puts its stuff into .dbx which is located elsewhere (C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application...
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    Windows XP ApplicationUpdater.exe

    I ment the previous post actually :)
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    Windows XP ApplicationUpdater.exe try pasting into the browser, checked and it works, not from the post though.
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    Windows XP Error Messages

    please post the exact text of the error message which you receive, there should be the details of the servers. 1. Which account you're using for this? e.g., orange...? 2. How many accounts do you have configured in Outlook? 1 or more?
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    Windows XP ApplicationUpdater.exe

    I WOULD call it a malicious programme. Read this: Observe what the author of this article is saying and scan the pc with updated Malwarebytes.
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    Outlook outlook express .pst file problem

    Outlook Express uses a .dbx file to store the mailbox content. What you're using is MS Outlook which has the personal storage in a .pst file. It gets fragmented due to things coming in and out all the time. Ant particular problem? If you defragment the partition it should do as good as...
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    Windows XP The weirds thing i ever saw..

    as they always do... :) System restore is a very good solution if it does help. I've assumed that you'd exhausted the simplier options ;)
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    Windows XP The weirds thing i ever saw..

    in this case sth which loads later messes things up. Assuming that malware have not been found as well as disc errors I would recommend selective startup to try and find the culprit. Go to msconfig -> Selective startup -> clear Load System Services / Load Startup Services -> apply and reboot...
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    Windows XP Temp Folder Disappears

    try removing the attribute by going to the command prompt (start - run - cmd) and type: cd C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\Local Settings C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\Local Settings>attrib -h temp Then check if it's still hidden.
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    Windows XP The weirds thing i ever saw..

    I would recommend running a scan using Malwarebytes (updated) to see if it detects anything. The second thing which comes to my mind might be the disc playing up here so a disc (and RAM maybe...) diagnostic would be my second shot. It would be good to know the context if anything has been...
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    Windows XP Temp Folder Disappears

    The folder is hidden. It shold not be hidden by default so probably it got an attribute 'hidden'. You can access it by: 1. typing C:\Documents and Settings\your_username\local settings\Temp in the address bar or Start - Run 2. tools - folder options - view - show hidden files and folders and...
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    Auditing object access from network

    Audit Object Access on a network share Problems with auditing object access on shares in Windows XP within a Workgroup 1. Obligatory system setup to enable logging of events. a) Windows Event Log service needs to be started (Administrative tools ->...