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    Hard Drive Needs Replaceing

    Seagate is a famous brand, I'm using Seagate. Suggestions to use disk clone software to transfer data quickly into new hard drive.
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    Dynamic disk to basic utility

    Dynamic Disk Converter is a good tool to convert dynamic disk to basic with NO DATA LOSS. Currently, it has been upgraded to 3.0 version. Get it from:
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    Partition Magic 8 for Windows Server on Mirrored Volume!!!

    There are too much partition softwares similar with Partition Magic, such as Disk Director, Partition Assistant, Gparted etc. It is difficult to choose.
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    How to change dynamic disk to basic without losing data

    Convert dynamic disk to basic disk, which use Dynamic Disk Converter is a good choice. There are three ways to fulfill dynamic disk to basic conversion, please visit for more information.:wave: