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    Crunching on hold from me for now ... UPDATE

    Not sure what you're crunching or if this is of any help, but I went through a spell where several of my computers were acting up and in the end I cured it by eliminating the CEP2 work from my selected projects to participate in. I just figured they weren't ready for prime time plus they were...
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    New guy on the block

    I had to go and google what on earth a "grockle" was. :lol:
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    New guy on the block

    Welcome Gandalf_the_Grey. :cheers: Hey folks this is a friend of mine from PCHF whom I told about this place. Watch him though he's a Wizard. :D
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    Royal Wedding...your thoughts ?

    In an era where political correctness supposedly prevails, it seems to contradict the concept when you engage in a bunch of hoopla simply because your blood is supposedly better than everyone elses. (pretty sure it's all red and we all bleed the same) The whole "Royalty" concept has outlived...
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    How to disabled RAM modules in the system?

    I'm afraid there's no method I'm aware of short of physically removing it. Considering how affordable RAM is today why not simply get another set of 1GB modules and do away with the problem?
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    Linux Distribution Chooser

    Well they missed mine by a mile but they got the second choice spot on. My first choice is Sabayon KDE 64bit and that was not even listed. The test gave me Mandriva as first choice, Kubuntu as second and that is bang on as that's what I'm typing on, and Fedora as third and I've never even...
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    How to check how fast your memory is running

    V_R is spot on you're getting what looks like odd readouts because speedstep is enabled. Your pic shows the CPU just idling at well below its rating. If you put that CPU under full load you'd see all those values increase.
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    How to check how fast your memory is running

    Might help if you run CPU-Z then do a screenshot and post it so people can see what the other items are running at. I'm curious to see if the CPU is at 3Ghz.
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    Windows XP HP Windows XP Pro SP3 MediaCenter Reboots Continuously

    Have you given the inside of that PC a good cleaning? Often times reboot issues are traced back to being an overheating problem.
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    What is your taste in music

    I quite like this group too......
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    What is your taste in music

    Though some might be considered a little more upbeat for the most part his style doesn't change very much. Ronnie is just embarking on a solo career after several decades of touring as Brooks & Dunn during which time they won too many awards to count as a Country Music duo.
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    What is your taste in music

    I don't think you'd care for it bootneck02 but my taste runs along the lines of this.....
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    Medion Pc mt6

    Hope you realize you just answered a three year old thread. :lol:
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    The PCReview 'Show Us Your Desktop Background' Thread

    Where I wish I was.
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    CD-player/burner not working

    If it's not listed in "My Computer" then you either have a bad drive or a bad cable connecting it to your motherboard. It should be listed whether there's a disk in it or not.