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    hi all

    hi all.sorry not been around for a while but my health took a turn for the worse but hey ime still here lol. some good news..ime moving..after 18months of sheer hell we finally have somewhere so ime busy packing at the moment & just wanted to let you all know that ile be offline for a while as...
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    Lawless Britain

    sorry didnt reply sooner,had no net for past three days :mad: We live in Nottingham & we gave evidence in court last year against my daughters ex who tried to throw her over a third floor balcony,tried to strangle her & abducted our then 18 month old granddaughter..they were taken out the...
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    Lawless Britain

    i live in an area where its all gangs,gangs,gangs & we have two area`s in this town that have always been at constant battle with each other & gets quite serious i.e young kids getting shot. none of the decent residents go out after dark as they are too afraid & ive lost count of the times i...
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    definately agree with you there.i live in an area where errm lets say this thing goes on all the time & yes your right-they love thier mums & walk round thinking thier the mafia but to me they just look like a bunch of ruddy hobbits :lol:
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    only been with the forum a short time but i sat & read everyone of your jokes-hubby sat there wondering why i was crying with laughter :lol: keep em coming,you definately know how to make us all laugh ;)
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    Naughty Boy !!

    so thats why mine is always running slow-best go do a check on the neighbours then :lol:
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    Windows XP invalid class string

    Hi all. I wanted to put my favourites into folders on IE7 but everytime i try this it comes up with error 104 invalid class string i googled this but its way too technical for me so can someone tell me what this is please & how to fix it thankyou & blessings as always
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    olivetti anyway simple

    :mad: errm yes right... The olivetti anyway simple is an all in one printer/scanner/copier. 100 sheet A4 80gsm paper capacity prints up to A4 size photos in under 5 minutes prints photos with or without borders up to 400% enlargement copier pc free copying USB 2.0 connectivity(cable does not...
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    paintshop advice

    ;) i downloaded picasa2 & wow its fast,all my pics in one place now & all sorted into order of even found pics i didnt know i had :lol: will have a play around see what else i can do with it & will let you know my brother however has always used adobe & says if i dont like this one...
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    More phots

    ;) he is totally gorgeous,he definately has your eyes & he seems so alert bless him xx
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    Telephone conferance

    ;) thats the same headset i use & works fine,just plug it in & away you go
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    paintshop advice

    thanks for the advice :bow: ,will go & have a look at them see which one i like..or which one seems easy enough for me to use :lol:
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    paintshop advice

    a few days ago a friend let have a go on her jasc paint shop pro which seemed easy enough to use.i just wondered if anyone could recommend one for a beginner as i have a digital camera & transfer all my pics to the pc but never used a paint shop before.i looked in pc world but it was a little...
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    comodo help

    :thumb: just wanted to say thanks.did some reading & got it sorted now.your a star as always ;)
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    Safely home

    i couldnt view it either so thanks for the bbc one :thumb: .it will always amaze & fascinate me what they can do