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    Access OLE Object error in Access 2010

    Thank you for your assistance. However, I'm a newbie and don't hand code anything -- if that is in fact what is required here. It appeared so when I read through the page that you linked to. I tried to find the RowSourceType as the directions advise but I couldn't even find it on the property...
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    Access OLE Object error in Access 2010

    I have been inserting images (jpgs) into the database fine for several weeks and now, when I try to insert an image I get this error: THE OPERATION ON THE OLE OBJECT FAILED The OLE Server may not be registered To register the OLE server, reinstall it. Why does this happen, how do you...
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    How to reinstall OLE server?

    I get the same error message, but it has to do with trying to insert OLE objects (jpgs) into an OLE text field. The problem is I was able to insert images just fine before -- now this error message is appearing. I'm am curious to know why this happening now if it worked before. Before I try it...