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    Its not coming along too bad at the moment, thanks Ian. We've finshed off the design side (well almost). Done the majority of the scripting but still don't have much content. To see a preview of what we've done so far, you can look at the links below: Main Site...
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    Been working on my site a bit recently. Its been through a complete re-design, aiming for a similar market to PC Review so not sure if I should post the link. I won't for the time being anyway. is definately the best place to go if you're looking for a good free host...
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    Where is everyone from?

    I'm going to be doing Computer Science at Nottingham Uni. How about yourself?
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    Where is everyone from?

    About 10 miles north of where Techvillage was born. :eek: Off to Nottingham Uni in the Sept.
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    GeForce4 MX460

    Best bang for buck at the moment seems to be the GF4 Ti4200. Just purchased a GF4 Ti4200 for £127. This is the 64meg version, but comes with VIVO (video in, video out). Can't wait to test it out on my new rig. Manufacturer wise, they are all based around the same Nvidia chip, just make...
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    Old Crucial UK Comments

    Top notch, can't fault them at all. Lets hope the memory works as well :D
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    Old Dabs Comments

    Reasonable prices, average site. Delivery was absolutely superb, took only a day for my motherboard to arrive, after it came into stock.
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    Old EBuyer Comments

    Superb prices, average delivery. Packaging was minimal to say the least, well compared to the dabs packaging it was anyway. Delivery delayed due to chaging warehouse, but only by a couple of days, nothing major.
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    Old Komplett Comments

    Ordered my PC Case over a week ago and still yet to get any in stock. I know they can't replace stock instantly, but when they inform you that stock would have come in by now, I wonder whether I should just cancel the order and find someone else to buy the case from. If your curious, its the...