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    JoyFreak here!

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    Hello after a long time away

    And hello Muck lol
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    Hello after a long time away

    Yes , I am good with the family and enjoying self isolating as much as you can do
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    Hello after a long time away

    Hi all, Have been away for ages so hope to catch up again. Rush
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    Birthday Greetings TriplexDread!

    Belated ;)
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    Birthday Greetings Rush!

    lol cheers
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    Birthday Greetings Rush!

    Thanks Guys ...The big 50 today...don't know what to make of it ...but my son says I look 40..bless him
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    Live Aid 30year Anniversary

    He was a genius who bought joy to millions a legacy we all would like to leave
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    HELP New TV!!

    Well my LG 42" is performing as well now as it did when i bought it 5 years ago....Lifes Good :lol:
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    Music. What are you listening to right now?

    The genius that is Gregg Alexander..
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    This is brilliant

    Absoluteley Brilliant...i love that tune :)
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    Birthday Greetings Rush

    Thanks again its as friendly as i remember....long time lots happened...will elaborate soon ,,,:)
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    Birthday Greetings Rush

    Hi Mucks ...long time no hear lol...
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    Death of a Friend

    Sorry to hear feckit...
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    Hello From Boston

    Hello Ziad:)