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    Birthday Greetings TriplexDread!

    Belated ;)
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    Birthday Greetings Rush!

    lol cheers
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    Birthday Greetings Rush!

    Thanks Guys ...The big 50 today...don't know what to make of it ...but my son says I look 40..bless him
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    Live Aid 30year Anniversary

    He was a genius who bought joy to millions a legacy we all would like to leave
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    HELP New TV!!

    Well my LG 42" is performing as well now as it did when i bought it 5 years ago....Lifes Good :lol:
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    Music. What are you listening to right now?

    The genius that is Gregg Alexander..
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    This is brilliant

    Absoluteley Brilliant...i love that tune :)
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    Birthday Greetings Rush

    Thanks again its as friendly as i remember....long time lots happened...will elaborate soon ,,,:)
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    Birthday Greetings Rush

    Hi Mucks ...long time no hear lol...
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    Death of a Friend

    Sorry to hear feckit...
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    Hello From Boston

    Hello Ziad:)
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    Birthday Greetings Rush

    Thanks very much folks...hope everyone is doing fine :D
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    Happy Christmas & New Year.

    Seasons greetings to one and all Hi everyone...left the word...Christmas till its eve this year...hope everyone and all has a great festive period and a wonderful and hopeful start to 2014....:fool::thumb::D:cheers: Rush
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    Euston to upton park

    Think after all.. i have it sussed ...via oyster card...:lol:
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    Euston to upton park

    No...I am on my own..i needed to purchase game tickets (done) and kit Azza out in the new away kit (done)...that was it for us.( no extra cost..West Ham say be there for 12.30 so we have to comply :D