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    Cable vs ADSL?

    IMHO ADSL Relies on BTs network (amusingly called Colossus, the Greek statue that fell into the sea under its own weight) which I don’t particularly rate, even though the peering is quite good. The upload on ADSL is worse and the maximum bandwidth (2mb) is not going to get any better because...
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    Hi Guys!! - Research ;)

    Duly done, I seem to get to be a subject for loads of these psychological tests. I look forward to the end of the expreement. Nicely designed pages by the way. Best of luck. ®
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    Forum Activity

    I think it is content we need really, i know I am being a bit useless on the content front but, I am somewhat lacking in time.
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    Anandtech out in force at Comdex

    Anandtech has been wandering round Comdex in force this Fall (or autumn as we like to call it), bringing news a pleanty. Yesterday Eric posted about AMD showing off their new Opterons to the world, VIA’s KT400A and Intels Springdale chipset both supporting Dual DDR were also being shown off...
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    Memory Prices Dropping

    Whats was the conversion rate between canadian $ and £ Sterling? I remember buying 256mb pc133 SDR for £17, that was a deal and a half. I was in the same boat as you Eric was still at college and lacking in money.
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    Memory Prices Dropping

    It looks like the prices of memory are starting to come down again, I doubt they will ever fall the prices they were at 24 months ago but we hopefully memory prices have peaked after their drop and will now settle to a reasonable price that everyone can benefit from. The Inquirer
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    THG: nForce2 Motherboards

    Tom's Hardware Guide has posted an excelent review of three new nForce2 motherboards: - Asus A7N8X - Chaintech Zenith Series CT-7NJS - Leadtek WinFast K7NCR18D It looks like nVidia may of cracked this one, it looks quite powerful and seems to perform quite well, as the review says...
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    board processor memory combo

    At the moment the ATI Radon 9xxx is the better card and the price is not that much more than the Nvidia cards. All IIRC of course ®
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    video card problems

    In motherboard settings have you got primary graphics adapter set to PCI/Internal rather than AGP. Otherwise, check to make sure that the card is seated properly in the PCI slot
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    Leaky capacitors shorting circuits; problem spreads

    I have had a couple of caps explode, when I say explode I mean a loud pop usualy followed by the computer becomming unstable, on inspection of the motherboard all you can see is a very black cap with goo leaking out the side, simple soloution is to solder out the duff cap and solder in a new...
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    Intels 3.06GHz P4 to be HyperThreading enabled

    It appears that the new 3.06GHz Pentium 4 processor will contain the much talked about HyperThreading™ technology. This allows a single processor to act as two separate CPUs, making more efficient use of the chip circuitry. As yet the only processors using HyperThreading™ technology are the...
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    Windows XP Ie6

    I think but I cant exactly remember (been along time since windows 98) it is /windows/hosts. you should be able to edit it in notepad
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    Windows XP Ie6

    if you take a look at \WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts you will probably see a huge list of servers that are assgned to, this is why you get all the red crosses. Unless it is problem that you cant see the banners I would leave it.
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    No hasnt gone bust!
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    Dont try this at home....

    ... Unless you have a strong hard and something to clean up the mess if it all goes wrong :D