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    Happy New Year 2016

    Can't remember the last time i was actually awake during new years eve to new years day! Probably about 8-10 years ago! Old man likes his sleep. I'll hopefully be taking Theodore out on his go kart somewhere on new years day.
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    The Best PC Games (You Should Be Playing)

    Borderlands should have been up there! Ive got witcher 1&2 from steam sale yet to play though. GTA V is a console+pad game. Just feels wrong playing it on pc. God knows how much of my life i spent playing 3 and vice city! Didnt really give 4&5 much of a chance but the bits i did play i...
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    The Fallout 4 Thread

    Well completed it earlier. To be fair I got rather bored and rushed the last half of the game. The charm wore off quite quick. Its brought not much more to the table than Fallout 3. The graphics engine is poor/old/dated, sound is not fantastic and the whole game is quite buggy overall. The...
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    The obligatory, Best Game of 2015 ... your pick!

    Fallout 4 was probably the only 2015 game I bothered to buy and play so without any competition it goes to that! Poor year for PC gaming to be fair. Just ports and sequals.
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    Steam Winter Sale Now On!

    Over 5gb downloaded in around 2 minutes its good to be a Virgin Customer
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    Steam Winter Sale Now On!

    Bought Dishonored as I loved it on a console a while ago and it was only £2.50 :D
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    Poor Theodore and his chicken pox

    He already seems fine, just has to pace himself. He's alrwady running round, jumping and rolling about like a looney. Had the bandage off and its a nice neat cut about 2 inch long. Probably barely scar.
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    Skylake --- we have lift off................

    Ahh man. That sucks! Hope it all goes smooth. Having to send stuff back can be a nightmare sometimes!
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    Poor Theodore and his chicken pox

    We finally got home from the hospital today. Theodore's not supposed to be doing anything strenuous for 6 weeks! How can you get a 4 year old not to be wild for 6 weeks god only knows. All he does is fight me all the time, play on bikes and scooters, lifting, climbing, running and everything...
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    Poor Theodore and his chicken pox

    Hey all, Not really for a computer forum but its interesting none the less. On Thursday morning (3rd December) my son Theodore had a few spots come up on his back. Me and the missus instantly knew it was chicken pox as his pre-school he goes to has signs up saying chicken pox is going around...
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    The Fallout 4 Thread

    Yeah, i've joined them and got an incredible power armor off them. Also where ever i wonder i tend to bump into them fighting off hordes of mutants. I sometimes just stand back and watch waiting for a brotherhood soldier to fall to nick his armor, got like 6 full power armors now :blush: Edit...
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    The Fallout 4 Thread

    Starting to get abit bored of fallout 4 already! My main quests seemed to have dried up and im just doing silly "clear out this area" or "find this item for me". I dont know if i've done something wrong or what but when i go to my main quest then go to show on map it shows nothing :-(...
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    GAME and Overclockers UK bring PC Gaming Hardware back to the Highstreet

    It would be excellent being able to go to a local GAME to get you high end components instead of online. Hope it goes well.
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    The Fallout 4 Thread

    I had to change the difficulty setting to easy from normal/medium from around level 8 to 15. Not because i found it too hard but was running out of ammo constantly. Now i've got money and good vendors to use i just explore, find loot, sell and buy ammo! I had a fight with this big ugly thing...