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    Insufficient disk space to fix volume bitmap. chkdsk aborted

    It looks like the drive may have bad clusters. Instead of using Windows diagnostics try the HD makers tools by downloading it and running it before attempting anything. Let us know how it goes.
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    Temporarily putting a halt on crunching

    Repairing bad sectors on a Hard Drive can take a very long time depending on how large the drive is. In my case for a 1 TB drive, it took 2 and a half hours in total.
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    Temporarily putting a halt on crunching

    I carefully went through the checklist of what could be wrong: The issue: Twice in the span of 48 hours I had the computer freeze (BSOD) while the crunching was going on. The error: Kernal Data Inpage Error Possible causes for the error: Bad Ram Bad Hard Drive sectors File Access error due...
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    Temporarily putting a halt on crunching

    In the last two days, I have had issues with my computer on which I am crunching. I need to figure out the issue before I start crunching again. :(
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    Crunching for Covid-19

    Got it running today. :)
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    Well that backfired! :-)

    Fresh install of Windows 10 is a real pain. :mad: So many things one has to do to get it working. I did a fresh install on my laptop last week and I decided never ever to do it again, endless things to do, like, updates, configurations, different proprietory drivers, fine-tuning and customizing...
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    Linux Mint no sound.

    Not a bad idea at all! Of all the Linux distros that I have installed, Linux Mint is the only one that has given me problems. One of the widgets that I installed would off and on freeze the distro and a couple of times I had to do a hard reset because of it. Later found out it was a bug, I had...
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    Quad's Humour Thread

    Ordering Pizza In 2020 CALLER: Is this Gordon's Pizza? GOOGLE: No sir, it's Google Pizza. CALLER: I must have dialled the wrong number. Sorry. GOOGLE: No sir, Google bought Gordon’s Pizza last month. CALLER: OK. I would like to order a pizza. GOOGLE: Do you want your usual, sir? CALLER: My...
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    Music. What are you listening to right now?

    This little girl has the soul of Ella and Billy bundled in her tiny body. Try closing your eyes before you start to listen, it is hypnotizing beyond belief!
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    How is everyone doing?

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    My current favourite distro

    Thank you! :) I actually forgot to mention that MX Linux is the one I chose for the IBM Laptop as it is very lightweight and works very nicely. I played around with MX Linux creating the Live USB and it works beautifully as a complete OS in the shirt pocket with your files on the go. I am...
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    My current favourite distro

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    My current favourite distro

    I had been tinkering with my computer lately and trying out most of the distros on 3 of my machines with different specs. I had very interesting results and realised each distro had something unique to offer. I installed and uninstalled following distros on three different machines in the last...