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    Happy Birthday Darcy!

    Many happy returns of the day to you, Darcy! :cheers:
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    Mozilla Quantum

    Too early to say anything but it is bloody fast! It is in beta at the moment and officially it will be released on November 14. If anyone downloaded and used it, let us know how it is going for you. Following is the US version but I guess just google for UK version and you are good to go...
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    WCG Stats Monday 18 September 2017

    Good Morning Mucks! :wave: Good night to all those who follow as I am calling it a day
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    Bluetooth Virus Warning - BlueBorne

    My phone is vulnerable :mad:
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    Please help with instructions to make a bootable flash drive for linux

    If you want to create a bootable disk with any linux software I suggest you download the software "unetbootin" and create the USB flash drive. it is very easy and does the job nicely.
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    Please help with instructions to make a bootable flash drive for linux

    Puppy linux works beautifully in Windows. Very easy to install and it does everything on its own for you to boot into it. I am running it on one of my machines as it does not support standalone Linux installation. Here is the link to it for you to try, just follow the instructions and you...
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    Texas Flooding

    I asked Mrs if she enjoyed the boat ride, I don't think she was happy :D
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    Texas Flooding

    Thank you all for thinking about me and my family. I am very sorry for getting back so late. I did ok in the flooding and came out clean but my son house was totally flooded with few feet of water, him and his mom were there at the time and they were rescued in a boat. Other than that...
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    Happy Birthday Becky!

    Belated birthday greetings! Sorry for being late. Good to hear some optimistic news
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    WCG Stats Friday 04 August 2017

    Good Morning and Good Night:nod:
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    Birthday Greetings Cirianz!

    :cheers:Many happy returns of the day to you!:cheers:
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    WCG Stats Tuesday 01 August 2017

    @Taffycat you will accomplish a generation of computing once you cross 30 years of crunching time. :bow:@Abarbarian you are going at breakneck speed and would beat me in no time :nod:
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    How many hours a week do you play computer games?

    At the moment zero :nod:
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    What are your Internet speeds