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    Any Fungus Experts Out There?

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    Underpowered PSU in SLI?

    I just tested and the cards are running way hot. My master card hit 89 degrees in SLI and was only getting hotter on the furmark benchmark. Slave went over 70. Its in an Antec 300 case, is that just too small for SLI? If it is, that is a real bugger. My airflow is pretty decent, I have...
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    Underpowered PSU in SLI?

    Mobo is an Asus P8Z77-V I'll do that. PSU is an OCZ ZT Series 650W Modular PSU, the Corsair is in a different computer. The second card came under a reconditioned two year warranty so I should be OK.
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    Underpowered PSU in SLI?

    Hi guys, hope you are all well. My brother just bought himself a second 670gtx second hand to run in sli. The second card has slightly higher clock speed but as I understand it that would just mean they are both reduced to the slowest speed. When SLI is enabled every game is artifacting...
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    Happy Birthday PotGuy

    Thanks guys, I'm travelling around Australia so internet access is a bit sparse! Hope you all had a great Christmas, I'm off to pick fruit for new years in 35 degree heat... :cry: :lol: I built a new PC too which was amazing - I accidentally played BF3 with Far Cry minimised in the background...
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    The PCR Guild Wars 2 Thread

    Definitely getting this. I was a fan of WoW for a reasonable amount of time but was never into it hardcore. A casual, stunning MMO like this should be right up my street.
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    i5 2500K vs 3570K

    Definitely the 3570K, its only a couple of quid more. In the benchmarks it sneaks out a couple more fps and its just generally a bit faster. The only cost to factor in is the HSF, but I was going to get an after market one anyway. I'm not ordering til mid July either, I have a new job starting...
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    i5 2500K vs 3570K

    I'm in the same position Ian! Hopefully within the next month I can say goodbye to the Athlon 3700+ and join the modern age :lol: I've been catching up with all the hardware, especially Intel's insistence on releasing several very similar processors for very similar prices over a...
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    Haha, great thread. I'll try and add a few more. - Bad guys will all be armed with submachine guns but will inexplicably spray them randomly in the hero's general direction, missing every shot and so allowing him to kill all of them with his pistol. - After capturing the hero, an arch...
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    DPD-1 Royal Mail - 0

    Just to clarify I didn't see anyone rip open mail - I meant that mail would turn up ripped up, stolen out of, or an empty envelope. Also, my postman is a lovely bloke, and I've never had anyone but helpful people in the sorting office. These are front-of-house employees though. Behind the...
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    DPD-1 Royal Mail - 0

    Having just gone through the hell of the Royal Mail Christmas jobs, I can tell you why. When I did it last year, they employed better people for better wages, in better working conditions and employed stricter processes of supervision. It was all pretty well organised, we were all paid on time...
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    It's PotGuy's Birthday

    Cheers guys and girls, appreciate it. Ripe old age of 22. No drinking though. 4am starts for work at the moment - will have to leave the drinking til the weekend! :lol:
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    My Skyrim Experience...

    As someone whose computer could not run Skyrim, I bought it on xbox. From experience, the loading times are good. It only loads when you enter a city or a building, it is very good considering the scale of the game. It doesn't load at all in the open world. It is a cracking game - go and buy...
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    My Skyrim Experience...

    My first run through of Skyrim went like this: Game loads, press start. Music plays. Game fades in from black. I'm staring at a spade and a fork stuck to the side of a cart. I spin around. I cannot move, only look. I am standing next to the cart, with four people looking at me in a...
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    BSOD - Bad_Pool_Caller

    I was all very hit-and-miss. After the windows re-install failed I could only boot to setup, as when it progressed to the welcome screen part of setup it crashed and a reboot just led to it starting again. That obviously meant I could no longer fix it, because I could not get to any sort of UI...