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    What comes after Windows 10?

    Windows 10 is only really an on-going development from Windows NT. through Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, to 10. The basic design and many functions are clearly similar/updated from the early versions. The UI has changed multiple times. During this process there were significant...
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    Windows 7 to 10 Upgrade

    One of the inherent problems with Windows is it does not encourage "proper" filing of your stuff - documents, pictures, videos, music, etc. I keep a DATA folder and file everything under that - Household, subdivided into Gas, electricity, etc. Holiday Pictures, subdivided into each holiday...
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    Freeview PVR's - Recommendations, please?

    ; Problem with SageTV is I don't want a DIY solution. I would like an off-the-shelf solution which has:- 1) a good UI - rules out anything with YouView 2) WORKS!!! - NOT the Humax 4000 3) is reliable. - Apparently rules out Humax and Panasonic 4) Decent recording capacity - eliminates most...
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    Freeview PVR's - Recommendations, please?

    Have you read the reviews on the Panasonic?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Also very wary of Humax after getting refund on my dreadful 4000 model. It seems the TV recorder market has gone severely downhill in recent years in terms of both quality and user friendliness. PS: Don't go YouView either. I wish I...
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    Freeview PVR's - Recommendations, please?

    I had a Humax which was so BAD (even Humax "Help" line admitted they had a problem), that I took it back for a refund. I won't list all the problems here (it would take too long!). Also - DON'T get a YouView box - the YouView system is rubbish.
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    Registry settings-article 922850 where do I go?

    The links to resolve the problem of old version documents in Word are JUST NOT THERE or where it tells you what the registry entry is, that is not there either!!!!!!!!:drool: