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    Can't delete file

    I downloaded Unlocker Portable and it worked. Thanks. :thumb:
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    Can't delete file

    I have a .jp2 file on my D drive, an internal drive where I keep documents instead of on the C drive in My Documents on Windows 10. I know it is not malware. It is a certificate of completion that was downloaded by my daughter some time ago. I tried deleting it with Windows Explorer, but it...
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    Welcome to the forum. Did you recently reinstall Chrome?
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    Nest vs Hive?

    Have you seen this?,as%20a%20%E2%80%9CHeat%20Link%E2%80%9D.
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    Laptop power adaptor replacement. Can I use this one?

    The specs are OK. It's just a graphics choice.
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    Today I learned...

    That's about 30 miles from my home, but I'm too afraid of heights to try it. :eek:
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    Realtek Network Adaptor

    Removing it would make another USB port available. It could always be plugged back in if needed later.
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    Realtek Network Adaptor

    In that case, there would be no harm in removing it. Save it in case you later want to connet via WiFi.
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    Windows 7 to 10 Upgrade

    Even if it is supposed to not lose settings or files, I would back up anyway. Use a backup utility like the free IOMEI Backerupper to create a disk image on an external drive and you can mount the the image as a drive to open individual files if necessary...
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    Malwarebytes does not load on start up or manually from the short cut.

    Try System Restore? Uninstall and reinstall?