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    Windows 7 How to make Windows 7 user's folder private

    Hi alisampras, As per my understanding, you want to secure your file:wave: or data from other user's including Adminstrator on Windows 7 is that correct ? If yes I have a solution for this you just need to follow belos steps. 1. Loogin with your account 2. Right click on your folder you...
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    Windows Explorer View

    Hi Mr. Cheese, I guess you have uncheck folders view pane, at the top of window opened click on folders and you will be able to find folder pane on left hand side. Regards Chris
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    Turn off access to NVIDIA

    Hi leejefferies, To Disable right click for Desktop, Files, Folders and Windows Explorer Start Group Policy Editor. (Start->Run->”gpedit.msc”) On the left, go to User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Windows Explorer. On the right, enable this option “Remove...
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    XP Policies for user

    Hi Terry, Okay if you want to limit all users to with only web browser try doing it thru group policy settings ie Run - gpedit.msc and you can assign different programs. Regards Chris
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    WinXP Professional -Shutdown

    HI AAH, This are the steps try this. 1. Click Start > Run and type REGEDIT 2. Click the plus sign next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then System then CurrenControlSet then Control then click CrashControl 3. Double-click on AutoReboot on the right side and change the value from 1 to 0...
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    CHDKSK C: keeps returning error

    Hi Torobi, It might be a bit dangerous to even think about repairing it, so they better find/make some backups. Try to get a new drive and copy C: to it (use any application you like). Do NOT make it an 1:1 copy. If system fail to boot from this copy try 1:1. On the new drive run c...
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    lost local files saved in offline folder

    Hi Dustin, Well as off now there is no known fix but however try below link it might help you, However will look if we can find solution for this issue. Regards Chris Please reply at your convenience for further update.
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    DHCP Client Won't Start

    Hi PackerIntl, DHCP Client Service may not start automatically. When you attempt to start the Service manually, the following error may be displayed: Error: Could not start the DHCP Client Service on local computer Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start. Resolution The...
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    Systray icons missing.

    Hi Gerald Bramwell, Well here are some steps you can try: Method 1 : You may know this already, but the Windows XP task bar has an option to hide unused icons. So the reason some icons are disappearing might be that you haven't used them for a long time and Windows has...
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    BSOD Error

    Hi urville, Hi well I guess go thru with this link below for more information about error and fix Regards chris
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    Word Transfer Word 2007 data between laptops

    Hi cb9240, Well As I understand you can see the files which you copied from your old laptop on your your USB drive and now can not find MS office word program is that correct ? if yes then please try below steps 1. go to c drive - programfiles - microsoft - office - office11 - you should be...
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    Windows XP not able to open add/remove windows components

    Hi sangeethasri, First try appwiz.cpl in Run box if this doesn't work then try Start>Run>type in:C:\Windows\inf\sysoc.inf>ok or,you can get it under C:\Windows\INF now Open the Sysoc.inf file by double clicking on it, or,you can do this using Notepad. There the items that have the word...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 installation hangs on blue wallpaper. What's wrong?

    HI kristain, I guess this is comman when you are installing windows 7 for firstime on any PC, the best suggestion please wait patiently untill it returns because this where your system is being configured. Regards chris
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    Laptop with several XP problems

    Hi mm, I can suggest you few steps starting with device manager because this main thing, Try booting in safe mode and then check if plug and play is running ie Click Start, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK to see if the plug and play "status" is listed as "started"...
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    how to upgrade win xp sp1 to win xp sp3

    Hi Manuel, I would suggest you to go thru this link in order to upgrade your XP SP1 to SP3 Regards Chris