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    PowerPoint Powerpoint image ordering on a single slide

    I hope your slide show goes well and achieves the desired effect. I presume you are using Presenter View from a laptop "Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show > Use Presenter View [tick]" so you get a preview on the laptop whilst the audience only see the main presentation on a second monitor. So you...
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    PowerPoint Powerpoint image ordering on a single slide

    With PowerPoint you can have hidden slides which normally will not appear in your presentation, so you can have all the possibilities prepared. You can use preview "view - slide sorter" and choose which slide to show next. If you untick the advance slide options for these then they will not...
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    Sudden drop in Fibre Broadband Speed

    There are two sets of figures to compare; there are the line data speeds that the router/modem reports which should be the maximum possible, so look at your router status to see what these are. Then there are the figures that a broadband speed test will give you, which will normally be slightly...
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    Windows Defender will not update after installation

    See Bill Sandersons post: This worked for me.