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    New graphics card

    Well, I kind of took your advice guys....bought more memory (got 1.5 gig now) and things certainly seem better. I think I can happily hold off buying the new card for a while longer. Result? One happy chappy, and one happy missus!
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    New graphics card

    I have deided it is time for a long-overdue upgrade. My current spec is Dell 8300 P4 2.8 512MB RAM Radeon 9800 (non-Pro) I am wanting a little more 'oomph' from my ageing old faithfull, especially when it comes to games (current faves are Brothers in Arms, and I'm still meaning to...
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    Free Photo Editor

    Does anyone know of a good, FREE, piece of photo editing software? I don't need anything too in-depth, just something to touch up red-eye, remove stray hairs from my girlfriends chest (don't ask) etc. I went to a wedding this weekend and took some excellent photots which needed just a bit of a...
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    best film of all time

    I reckon.... Scarface, Ghostbusters, Terminator, I'm Gonna Git you Sucka.......
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    I have just discovered a great site that less me watched live streamed football games (including Premiership) I managed to watch the Burnley V Blackburn game (which wa not available on Sky Sports or terrestrial TV) but was being shown on ESPN. Can anybody tell me if this is legal or not? Thanks
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    Call of Duty Expansion woes

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    Overclock or Upgrade?

    Guys, what is the best way to overclock my lowly Radeon 9800 (non-pro) this been sitting in my Dell all this time. I don't really want to spend much (if any) cash, as I want a fancy new system at the end of this year or maybe early next. Or should I go for a new card? Specs are: Dell...
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    Call of Duty Expansion woes

    YAY I FOUND IT!!! Someone (prob my lovely missus) had been a little careless when they tidied my computer desk...stashed it in my "Bottom" DVD case....
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    Call of Duty Expansion woes

    My lovely Missus got me a shiny new copy of the Expansion for Call of Duty on Xmas Day. I installed it on my lappy and had a few goes, saw it was good, but have been WELL busy with work so I never got to play it again.... This week I'm taking a long overdue holiday, so thought I'd dig out the...
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    Any Joint Ops Players Here ???

    I play Joint Ops...still my fav game despite the recent "improvements" made to it.....anybody managed to get a voice comm thing going in it yet?
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    Online Gaming over wireless network

    Can anybody help me out....Please!?!? A few weeks ago I bought a DLink wireless router and card for my lappy (both 802.11b), so i could read my emails without having to get out of bed (so i told my missus anyway)..... I currently have 2 desktops connect via cable to the router also. I use...
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    Theater 6 Surround Sound Headphones

    Are there things any good? I want some headphones better than the cheapies I am using to play Doom3 on and want to know if any of the 5.1 headphones (Zalman, Medusa etc. are much use). I appreciate they won't be anywhere are good as a "proper" 5.1 speaker system, but I want to know if they give...
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    Doom 3

    Doom 3 Is Well Scary!
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    What is your system based on?

    Intel P4 2.8 HT/ ATI 9800 Pro Intel P4 3.06/ Nvidia 5200Go! Intel P4 1.4/ ATI 9100