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    Windows XP Windows deactivation code

    what you can do is go to Windows Update and download the Validation tool to check if XP is legit :)
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    I first ran into issues with IE8 on XP :mad:, so I had to have one of my buddies who is a tech remote and take it out so I could get 7 back :)
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    Music. What are you listening to right now?

    on Youtube, sometimes I find a lot of music from Twisted Metal 4 to listen to...such as the final battle theme: White Zombie - Greasepaint and Monkey Brains :D..what surprises me though is that I can't find that song as a MIDI file
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    Windows 7 Win 7 - Which one?

    floppy, I have to agree...but if you have backed up your files from XP, then you have to copy them from cd to Windows 7 using Media Player, and re-download programs you used in the past :)
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    NetNanny identified as Spyware?

    Richard, I have to agree with you: it is spyware. If a certain site (like for games) is blocked, the administrator has to enter password to allow it.