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    CPU Temp

    May depend on what your running at the time?
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    men, ok, and girls ... what aftershave do you use?

    Not using red diesel! Only on the tractors do we use it. You an ex royal then with a name like that?
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    Fantasy Football 2010

    Last match i went to was a 4th division match! Hi Ian, would have joined but i know less about football than even feckit does!!;-)
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    Hi everyone!

    So glad you found the site so good from your short stay with us! If it had been my choice i would have shot you, we do that with vermin on the farm!!!!!
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    58 Plate 1.2 8v FIAT Punto

    Sorry, not much ues to me down on the farm! This forum may be to limited for you? Have you thought of putting it on a Fiat related forum??
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    men, ok, and girls ... what aftershave do you use?

    I often smell of diesel, but mines the red agricultural version!!!! Sometimes use lynx but depends if i'm out to impress or not!
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    Fantasy Football 2010

    Who are u?
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    Bargain Free AShampoo software

    Great find young man & all downloaded!
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    Which Web Browser Do You Use?

    IE because it came with the pc:-(
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    Hang onto something solid!!

    Would be a great insurance etc hit by large rock from space!!!
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    Windows Vista Vista Home Prem ~ Slow Startup

    I may and get the upgrade to Windows7 then. Thanks for you advice gents. Got harvesting coming up so might do it in late september when i have time!!!
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    Veru busy with work FBS really not enough hours in the day to get it all done! Niceto see you Taffycat.
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    Just thought i would drop in to say hello. Been really busy over the last few months. I do passby when i can, but just dont log i do see what is being written!!
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    It's Ciri's Birthday

    Sorry i missed it just been so busy this time of year!
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    Brian Blessed to voice driving directions for TomTom

    Would be better than the women i have currently on my Sat-Nav!