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    Firefox problems

    Try ...
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    Any fingerprint unlocks Galaxy S10, Samsung warns

    Divorce proceedings are now being processed. ;)
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    Best VPN Google has "Incognito" but it knows who you are.
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    Windows 10 1903 update.

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    Expiration notification

    If you have no password, I don't either, then ignore Windows' error message, errr, I mean warning. :)
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    A CPU replacement will work for me?

    First, upgrade the memory to 16Gb ram. Hello & Welcome :)
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    Taking food abroad If in doubt, don't take anything ... you'll only get disappointed to see it confiscated & or pay a fine!!
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    News UK Smart Meter rollout delayed by 4 more years

    I have both Gas & Elec Smarties. They work as intended. :) The gas meter is 3 feet away from the control box, and the electric is 12 feet away.
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    How old are your mechanical hard drives?

    I went all SSD some time ago. :D
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    Windows 7 Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end

    Ignore Microsoft, carry on as you are, you will just need to be a bit more cautious and not visit too many pron sites. :)