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    Windows 10 Do you use the Windows App Store?

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    WCG Stats Friday 14 June 2019

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    Happy Birthday nivrip!

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    Microsoft Works to Microsoft Office

    Try out Libreoffice before 'paying' for MS Office ... it's free, and it works. :)
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    2019 Apple Mac Pro Cheese Grater

    It's a PC with an Apple badge and a stupid price. :lol:
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    New Guy

    Hello & Welcome Just ignore Windows, it's just an engine, like a car, keep it maintained and it will keep running forever. There are a few tweaks you may want to 'fix' ;)
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    HELP wanted to set up NEW kit please

    Hello & Welcome :) Leave the BIOS alone, unless you have to 'fix' something. It should automatically detect & setup what it needs to. You will need to download the latest graphics driver, 'cos that's a rule! You have Win 10 ?? :)
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    Which Anti-Virus to use?

    Another Windows Defender user here. :)
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    Death Stranding release date and trailer

    PS4, err, nope.