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    Windows XP Unable to Lggin to Terminal server

    Has the user had a Terminal server Profile setup in Active Directory?
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    Regedit,task manager have been disabled by your administrator and antivirus does not

    Hiya, you've got an infection of the Conficker virus in my opinion. Download the conficker removal tool from symantec website on another pc, burn to a cd or read-only media and then run it on this pc, that should clear it, and your AV should be able to start, then ensure the AV is fully updated...
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    Windows Vista Administator has no privileges

    Hiya, it sounds like it could possible be due to the Conficker virus, this has ahabit of locking down a lot of admin features. I would probably recommend downloading the conficker removel tool from symantec on another pc, burning it to cd then running it on this one. If your AV has been out...
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    Ethernet to wireless

    The only other way to do it would be with 2 wireless access points, basically get one and hook it up to your router and then connect the other one down where you want it and set it up to connect to the original, in effect extending the network. Cheers.
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    Windows Vista most dearly confused

    Sounds like it may have been running in a trial only mode.... have you got the full version with the Discs?
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    Windows XP connectivity keeps quitting

    Hiya, You need to give us some more detail really - let us know what the problem actually is or what you are trying to find out....just posting a load of commands and responses, just gives most of us a headache...or is it just me! :)
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    Windows XP windows could not load

    Sounds like it could be a possible power issues to your USB ports or maybe a motherboard issue, what have you got running off of them?
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    Windows XP Task manager disappeared

    Sounds like it could be the conficker virus mate, had something similar your AVG upto date? It can be pretty crappy so may not have detected a threat, get yourself over to symantec website and download a tool called FixDwndp.exe which will search your pc for all variants of...
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    ATI 3470 PCI Express, Low profile

    Hiya, Maybe of interest to someone....I have low profile ATI 3470 graphics card's with dual DVI output adaptors allowing dual screen display, they are 256MB, although i have one in one of my own machines and it comes up as 512MB, so i'm assuming they use some system memory to make up the...
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    Looks like a good site captain Z, is it a 'safe' site do you know eg, not going to get a load of crap from it? Any user's?
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    Dodgy Screen

    Heya, does this happen at any other point or just on the screensaver? Any software/hardware installed recently? What Operating system is it running? Cheers.
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    Windows 7 Downgrade plan for Windows 7

    The extended support period just means that it will only be critical updates and patched realeased, eg there wont be any software updates released directed at the OS eg, new media player and things like that, also microsoft wouldnt support it if you contacted them for support eg on the...
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    Hardware-can't install new hardware via USB ports

    sounds like it could be a power issue relating to the USB bus. So is anything working from the USB now, or are the USB ports themselves still not being installed?
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    Outlook Unable to create appointments in Outlook 2003

    so you are using exchange in cached mode - do you use roaming profiles also? Have you tried turning cached mode off? Cheers.
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    A challenge for you all

    Hey mate, Your going to have fun and games finding everything, i think that server has a server chipset motherboard, so not easy to find non-server driver software..what are you using it for?