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    Windows XP Windows 98

    Surely Windows 2000 (Which does not require a lot of resources) would be a better OS to run?
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    Relisys 17" Flatscreens

    Sorry to go off topic but I noticed ukjag is from purfleet. I'm from Grays! :D
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    Main Page = Old News

    Not to bash anyone but I thought with having news on the main page, it would be updated a little more frequently than it is? Did you shoot the News man or something?!
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    World's smallest external DVD Burner from Plextor!

    Looks fragile to me...
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    How often do you backup?

    I use Acronis True Image to back up XP every couple of days & on my other partition (Music & stuff) I use a rewritable dvd about once a fortnight. I can't see a use for system restore so this is turned off.
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    Windows XP Windows 2000 Spyware Big problem! Please help.

    You could also try the following online scans: Trend Micro Antispyware Online Kaspersky Online Scanner I have found that Trend Micro Antispyware have a better rate of detection than other like wise pieces of software.
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    Windows XP Create hidden partition?

    I would like to know how to create a hidden partition? The reason for this is that I often have to repair friends & family's PC's & would like to make a backup within the hidden partition of the OS using Acronis True Image. I'd appreciate any help in this matter. :)
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    Just saying "Hello"

    My "Thing" on the Amiga was graphics, I done this excellent picture of the starship enterprize in all it's blocky pixalated glory! :D
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    Need help setting up a network and sharing files

    Have to tried to manually map the network drives? If you have file & priinter sharing already enabled then (In "My Computer") select "Tools" on the top & then "Map Network Drives". You should come with a list that (By default) has "MSHOME" in it, hopefully you can open this & select all the...
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    Just saying "Hello"

    I just thought it'd be polite to say "Hello" to everyone before I start posting in the main forums. :) I.T experience = 15 years! Started of with an Amiga 500+ in 1991 Wow, how time fly's... :D