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    User Drives Mapped with Kixtart Disappear

    Hello! I think I am experiencing the same with my windows 2000 domain, some users dont get their kixtart logon script when they log in, so they have to log off in order to get their mapped shares....... Did you ever fix your issue? how? Thanks
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    Help!! Ris Error: Pxe-t01 File Not Found

    More information on the case: According to Microsofts article number 222177 this errror happens when some files in the RIS server ar missing or corrupted. Their resolution is to replace those files from another location on the same server. I did that but no success. I also checked the...
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    Help!! Ris Error: Pxe-t01 File Not Found

    Hi all: I am having this problem wiht a machine that I am trying to install with my RIS server, which worked fine before. I get the following message on the machine I am trying to install an image from my RIS server: (the message comes right after it gets an IP ADDRESS from DHCP PXE-T01:FILE...