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    Windows XP need FULL downloads of SP1a, 2, 3

    Don't worry flopps, you aren't the only one that finds it hard work using their website. I avoid it as much as i can, however the download centre is very useful if you want to do updates on machines that are not connected to the net
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    Windows XP need FULL downloads of SP1a, 2, 3

    You can still do a manual download of SP3 clicky
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    Bargain £45 for a 120Gb SSD.

    I wouldn't touch these personally Bought 2 of them about a year apart and they both failed over the last few weeks..... :mad:
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    It's Me__2001's Birthday

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone :thumb: Unfortunately I've spent the last few days curled up on the sofa with a horrible cold :mad: still its the weekend so party time!! :cheers:
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    Video Card

    That was my initial thought but it looks like there is a pci-e x4 slot in that picture, unless i am mistaken??
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    Video Card

    Looking at the picture, the long black slot that is partially hidden by the black cable is a pci-e x16 slot. That means all you need to do is get a low end graphics card with two output ports and you're good to go Also whilst you are at it i'd give everything a good blast out with a can of...
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    LLU and modem router compatibility

    I'll try and help you out here..... I have a DG834GT that i've had for a similar sort of time as you, if not longer and that works fine with ADSL2+ so you should be ok but as it says in that post try it and see
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    Fortran compilers

    yes i have, they don't go back old enough! I have a fortran 77 compiler which refuses to compile some of the files i have. I'm going to try and get some more information from the person that sent them to me but i don't think he knows much more about them than i do
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    Fortran compilers

    I'm hoping someone on here may be able to help. I have some files at work that are written in fortran, i've managed to compile one using a fortran77 compiler but i think the others are written in fortran 66 as they don't compile with 77 or 90 compilers. Anyone know where i can get a compiler...
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    King of the Click ---- Dare you enter !!!!

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    WCG Stats Sunday 04 September 2011

    Sorry to disappoint guys but my newish PC has decided its not going to work any more, i think its the PSU or RAM but will need to do some testing to be sure. On top of that i start my new job tomorrow so my crunching time is going to take a hit, i'll still be doing it but its going to be a lot...
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    WCG Stats Monday 29 August 2011

    It wasn't anything to do with me, I want to know what the person that reckons it was worth 3000+ points is using
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    WCG Stats Monday 29 August 2011

    eh?! That i was not expecting. I've been away for the week so I finished all of the units I had bar one before I left, finished the one I still had yesterday and that was it. This is what i got for it, something odd going on there :confused:
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    WCG Stats Wednesday 17 August 2011

    Thanks guys :cheers:
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    WCG Stats Wednesday 03 August 2011

    Never thought i'd be pulling in that many points with the amount of time i have my machines on for. May have to up the time to catch bootneck and DA though :thumb: