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    Time Restricted MSN Messenger

    If you sniff out a header from the control panel on the router for POST variables you could set a job, cron job perhaps, to automatically send that header to the router to switch that port on and off.
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    What size monitor do you have?

    19" CRT for my main display and a 19" TFT for my secondary.
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    Which of the computing giants do you prefer?

    I would have said google, but I dislike what they're doing at the moment, shying away from promoting open office yet convinicing Sun to try and sneak a google toolbar on peoples machines with Java installations.
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    Book:Point & Click Linux! "Your Guide to Trouble-Free Computing"

    Thanks for the review. How much depth does this book go into in installaling new programs? I find that's what new comers, and sometimes even I, mostly struggle with. Having to use the command line and manually set up shortcuts is a far departure from the windows...
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    Access MS Access like applications

    I've looked at Base but unfortunatley it's not fully developed yet, and I can't use it to impliment the more advanced features of the database that I could do in access for example :(
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    Access MS Access like applications

    I'm creating the database by entering info from hand-written note cards, there isn't an existing database, so the format isn't really important.
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    Access MS Access like applications

    Anybody know of any?, I've managed to unearth a couple but nothing seems to suit my needs. I'm making a database system on behalf of someone i know, and they can't afford the X hundred for access so I'm after alternatives. Googling for stuff like "database management" and "DBMS" just gives...
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    Not British

    I'd just like to point out that the people that blew themselves up in London were British citizens with the exact same rights as you or I. As Brit' one of the only things I'm proud about this country is it's multiculturalism and I think that those against it have suffered from an extreme and...
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    Access Ms Access Reports

    Welcome to PC Review. I think the solution to both has to be VB script. Post more specifics and I may be able to help you write the code.
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    Google to open Online Payment Processor

    Competetion is always a good thing, hopefully it'll drive the unfair charges down a bit. I know I'll go with whoever charges less.
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    Anyone fancy a drink??

    Sorry i didn't make it, radiator on the bus blew out :(
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    HELP - CMS advice needed
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    Anyone fancy a drink??

    I'll be there.
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    Extreme Macro Photography

    I've been getting into photography propper ever since i got my first dSLR - a moddest (by dSLR standards) Canon 300D and assorted lenses and adapters. I think the beauty of photography is as much in the instrument that captures the image as well as in the image itself - cameras, particularly...
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    Happy Birthday Gabriella!

    Have a good one!