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    R.I.P. Windows 7 - What next ?

    I have been running dual boot Win7 and Linux mint on all three of my devices two Laptops and one desktop, for over a year now. My preference is Mint it works well it’s fast ,you don’t need anti virus and it’s FREE.
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    O/S swap problem

    Abarbarian. thanks for your advise I did what you advised but the installation would not accept the product key from the laptop, so I used the product key from the borrowed disk and that installed but it keeps asking me to register.! regards
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    O/S swap problem

    Hi. I am trying to resurrect my daughters Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop. The problem got to a point were I needed to reinstall or change the O/S, as it came pre-installed with XP home I did not have the discs, so I formatted the drive C: partition only and installed Win 2000 pro, the problem is...