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    Screen protector?

    Will they stretch to 23":lol: Joking aside thats a good idea:thumb:
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    Screen protector?

    Hiya I am looking for Screen protector for HP Touchsmart 23" anyone know of a site in the UK that you don`t need to take out a 2nd mortgage to buy one? on amazon £58:eek: + that is beyond a joke. I would be gratefull to any one with any knowledge of A cheaper supplier. [ yes I have looked on the...
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    It's a girl

    Congratulations Grandpa!:dance::thumb:
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    Olympic Games - U Going?

    I agree! You put it more politely than I would....:bow::wall::wall::wall::wall:
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    All the best Sir Flopps

    Good luck hope your keeping fine:cheers: Viv.
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    Motoluxe Phone

    For sale as new £110 purchased April 2012. including 2xcases 1 black buckle case 1 red cell case/screen protectors/chager/data cable. Delivered
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    It's Peahouse05's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Peahouse02:thumb:
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    FOR SALE Desktop PC And Monitor

    SOLD.:thumb::lol::bow::dance: Close thread please.
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    FOR SALE Desktop PC And Monitor

    Its a statement so thanks again:thumb:
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    FOR SALE Desktop PC And Monitor

    Thank you V_R could not edit?
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    FOR SALE Desktop PC And Monitor

    Photos for PC + Monitor Conected to For sale PC AND Monitor With this you get a LOT of extras? as I won`t need them anymore.
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    FOR SALE Desktop PC And Monitor

    LIKE NEW. Desktop PC And Monitor All discs W7 home premium all Drivers/cables keyboard mouse wired etc included Case [HAF]TALL TOWER Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601) Install Language: English (United States) System Locale: English (United Kingdom) Installed: 13/09/2011...
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    What you all think?

    Thanks for the input guys. [1] I need more room that is why I want an all in one. [2] Having read about all the aspects regarding all in one PCs It appears a touch screen is the better option that does not mean I have to use it as a touch screen as obviously a keyboard and mouse will achieve...
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    Raspberry Pi ... for £25

    Binoculars more like it?:lol::lol:
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    What you all think?

    Thanks again, I am away for a week so I will sort it when I return.