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  1. Ian

    Today I learned...

    TIL that Horseshoe crab blood is use to test for safe vaccines, as it's so sensitive to bacteria. Oh... and it's blue!
  2. Ian

    Preorder GFX card?

    Yeah looks like they've prevented pre-ordering at the moment doesn't it!
  3. Ian

    Shpock vs Ebay?

    Guess Shpock has a bit of growing to do then. I bought some boxes from there a few days ago and the transaction seemed to go smoothly, so might try listing a few low value things. Just after I posted this thread, I got a £1 max listing fee e-mail so went with ebay this time!
  4. Ian

    Shpock vs Ebay?

    I've been having a big clearout of my house this past few months and I've listed a lot of stuff on eBay, but I've got quite a few larger things to sell that will need collecting. Ebay was going to be my first choice, but I've seen Shpock appear more and more. I gave a lot of stuff away to the...
  5. Ian

    The PCR Movies Thread!

    Oooof, that's going to be interesting. Count me in then :lol: .
  6. Ian

    The PCR Movies Thread!

    I'm confused, wasn't Justice League released years back? :lol: Is this a new edit of the film?
  7. Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian

    It was a Sri Lankan curry made with mutton, I don't know what name it is, but it was amazing :drool:. Curried okra, green beans and potato too. Could eat it all day :D.
  8. Ian

    Happy Birthday Ian

    Thank you everyone :D. Went for a nice walk and had a nice curry - a really nice chilled day :D. I know right :lol: . I scraped through the previous one just in time!
  9. Ian

    TV Shows!

    Yeah she was a good character - I wonder if they'll recast her, or just write her out? I guess they could do the latter easily enough given the ending. I hope the Mandalorian is around for a long time to come!
  10. Ian

    Who's had the covid jab?

    Great news @V_R - a relief for you all too! Let's hope that reaching the 15m point next week means that we can start getting back to normal in the not too distant future :).
  11. Ian

    Happy Birthday Crazylegs

    Happy Birthday @crazylegs, have a good one :D.
  12. Ian

    Parts for my new build

    Great setup! I love my Ryzen 3600, it handles anything I throw at it and I imagine I'll be using it for a very long time to come :). Will be interested to hear how you get on with FreeNAS. I ended up using UnRAID a few years back (now on synology), but I did enjoy a homebrew NAS.
  13. Ian

    Best gaming headset for under £60

    Bought the HyperX Cloud II 7.1 for £60 in the end :D. Went for an "as new" one from Amazon Warehouse. Seems good so far :D.
  14. Ian

    100Ah 12v Battery voltage under load

    Cheers @crazylegs, yeah I want to try and keep the battery in good condition for a long time, so will avoid discharging it past 50% :D.
  15. Ian

    Best gaming headset for under £60

    Thanks guys :). I'll check that one out @Quadophile, although I think the USB option is a requirement for me as it makes things so much easier on my setup. @muckshifter, was this the product you mean, as the search bar shows one product and the product page another? It's within budget if I buy...