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    Excel Excel VBA To Newer Excel Version

    hi i think it should, as far as my experience, any old version will work in newer one,,, why won't you try it as test first,, get a copy of some example, and then go to a lap or something with 2007 office, and give it a try, but definitely its time for you to switch
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    Display saved Excel Workbook from Button Click Event in

    i have a problem that have been searching for a solution for it for a long time, i am programming windows application with an interface, my problem is that when you do the RUN there's button , when you click it , it should open excel workbook that is already saved to make it more clear, if...
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    Find a specified value from a range of cells in another workbook VBA

    Hi and welcome to PCReview,,, its simple, but i didn't get it right,,, so at Workbook1 there's cell K62 and user will enter number betwee 1-31 (Days of Month) in workbook2 there is at row 6 (from D-->AH which is 31 cells counted) it will go to column with same value ex) if he entered K62=4 then...
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    Access Access IIF and Instr function

    if the only characters used are ( ) - and space then i guess this sentence is much better than len and instr Replace( Replace( Replace( Replace( Sheets("SheetName").Cells(RowNumber, ColumnNumber), "-", ""), "(", "") , ")", ""), " ", "") * The first replace is for "-" to replace with ""...
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    VBA how to find the Cell needed

    i can't uderstand where did u get that with the name Jet vervuild comes Feb as month and 2 as number??? how did you arrange them this way,, sorry for replaying late, but if you can explain i can help you with this
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    Writing SQL code to delete duplicate records

    to tell the truth i tried it so many times but eventually added it to my Project as i was programming project, at first i wanted to remove dublicates from my table using query , but it didn't work, so i added it to the project as sql statements and functions ,, only to remove...
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    Access Access IIF and Instr function

    actually am sorry but no solution crossed my mind, because i don't know if always as second example 12ft will have "-", i couldn't find key words to the thing but if you open new thread and explain your case i might be able to help you
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    Excel Excel problem

    hi cwaner sorry for the fomatting but am replaying from my phone,,,, as i understood from u ,,, u want the search for pre-request to be for a certain student each time,,,,but on the other hand thats why i included student name in the search key,,,so it will not look for bu100it will look for...
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    Excel Excel problem

    I think u need to creat a key in column d do the key which will be [=ColumnA & "-" &ColumnB] the key will look like "Alison-bu100" and then in ColumnE write this formula [=if(C2="no pre-req.", "Yes",if(ISNA(Match(A2&"-"&C2, $D:$D,0)),"Yes","No")) The formula i wrote comes in this sequence 1-...
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    Access Access IIF and Instr function

    from where did u get 03 and 12, i didn't understand??? How did u determine these two numbers???
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    Access Select From External Access Database with path entered as Input parameter in query

    HiI just can't find the solution to my problemI have two MS Access databasesfor ex. DataBase1.mdb,DataBase2.mdbwhat i neeed is to create query in DataBase2 that select some data from table that exists in DataBase1and i need to have DataBase1 Path as Input parameter in the queryThe latest...
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    Excel Excel copying rows automatically

    hi if we cosidered that the number of columns in Long Term Tab(MainTab) is 4 1 is name 2 is date 3 is another date 4 is the key then it would go like this First Phase: Getting Data when entering New Info Record in the MainTab right click on the maintab and then select "ViewCode" and then...
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    Excel Excel vba column hiding unhiding

    sorry for replaying late, i was busy with another urgent project thank u for your replay but i think that Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'your code End Sub doesn't consider manual hiding unhidinng for column as an event to enter it i tried it with if...
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    Excel Excel vba column hiding unhiding

    hey i have a problem and it goes this way i wrote excel (2010) vba code to hide acolumn when the workbook open Private Sub Workbook_Open() Sheets("InputData").columns(12).EntireColumn.hidden=true End Sub and it works perfect but i need to add an event so if the user unhide that column...
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    please help with my macro for if function

    before 2 months i didn' t even know that i could write VB Code in excel and i've learned it through the internet thats my source so unfortuantly i don't know any books but if you're a programmer then you'll find that its the same concept of VB.Net programming with some differences