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    R.I.P. Windows 7 - What next ?

    Been running W10 since 2016 and swap between Mint and Zoron on my laptop.
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    Today I learned...

    I mean if you ever really wanted to know.....
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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

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    Today I learned...

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    Dyson vs Shark Vacuum Cleaners

    My house is wood flooring and tiles throughout so never needed a vacum cleaner. Soft brush did the job. I splashed out and got one of those robot vacums. I ended up giving it to a neighbour. Stupid thing kept sneaking up on me and I would trip over it :lol::lol:
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    Sabrent 1TB Rocket NVMe PCIe M.2 2280

    With one of these it would.
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    Wow That's a biggy

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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    LOL you been in my YouTube history again ?:lol:
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    WCG Stats Saturday 15 June 2019

    He can do it two ways. Either hide hs data which means the PCR script won't pick it up or he can delete his account which means his data will also not show. Edit: Also from what I remember WCG sent out an e-mail saying inactive accounts would also be removed after a set period.
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    Music. What are you listening to right now?

    Volume right up for this one.
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    Out of sync radios.

    Holy thread revival :cheers:
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    Excel Code to run ActiveWindow.View in normal view, only runs manually.

    Type @ then the persons name and they will be tagged :thumb:
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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    Here's a very interesting one.