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    Power plan wont shut off fans after sleep settings

    I leave mine running. Electric cost around 0.85p ($1.18) a day for me in the UK.
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    What comes after Windows 10?

    What comes after Windows 10 ? Linux. I've been using Ubuntu for my daily driver for some time now with exception for gaming where I still use W10. Don't get me wrong I like W10, it just works for me and I haven't really had any issues. Updates like Mac would be good.
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    Music: One song that always cheers me up!

    For me it has to be Iris.
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    Shpock vs Ebay?

    I've never heard of Shpock. As for e0bay I stopped using it and mostly use Facebook market place now.
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    Happy Birthday Ian

    Happy birthday @Ian Here's to wishing you a great day and many more to come :cheers::cheers::cheers:
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    Fried battery ?

    I got the PC in 2016 and it uses a Gigabyte H81M-S2H motherboard from which I can see was first released in 2014. Maybe just coincidental like you say.
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    Fried battery ?

    In mid January we had a power cut in my area due to electrical works in the road going wrong. Since then the USB ports on my PC would work at random. 1 day the ones on the front wouldn't word and 1 day the ones on the back wouldn't work. I found if I removed the CMOS battery and reset the BIOS...
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    SanDisk USB stick showing 114gb instead of 128gb

    I have THIS 128gb SanDisk USB stick bought from Currys. I'm a little confused. In properties it is only showing up as 114gb. Where has the other 14gb gone ?
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    Who's had the covid jab?

    The one I went to was immaculate inside. Staff constantly cleaning. Sadly outside wasn't that good. Despite staff outside there was no social distancing
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    Who's had the covid jab?

    I had the AstraZeneca jab yesterday.
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    Site down ?

    @Ian Popped in to se if there was anything new. Site taking ages to do anything and was greated with this at around 19:30pm
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    Windows 10 Microsoft updates HELP

    Forgot to add. Once you set your times you should also get a notification on your taskbar letting you know there are updates available.
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    Windows 10 Microsoft updates HELP

    I take it you are using Windows 10 ?? If so click the Start and hit Settings gear. From there go to Update & Security. From there you can change when updates etc happen.
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    Merry Christmas!

    We're in tier 4 in London so doing Xmas lunch tomorrow over Zoom. Should be interesting.