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    Windows 10 1903 update.

    I ended up resetting both to factory spec then did updates. Update 1903 has been sitting waiting to be installed and can wait a little longer.
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    Bargain Are you on o2? £300 off an iphone Xs 512GB

    I was with TalkTalk and through some mystery computer error my contract was terminated. I went back to Pay&Go which ended up costing me far to much money. Looked for a new contract when a firend told me TalkTalk were doing deals with O2. Signed up with O2 and got a contract for £11.47 per month...
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    Finally back after a couple months of an absence

    Welcome back :cheers:
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    News UK Smart Meter rollout delayed by 4 more years

    I'm also on pre-pay gas and electric and I save a tonne of money. And come November / December I always get around £250 in rebates :thumb:
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    News UK Smart Meter rollout delayed by 4 more years

    I now live in a flat and my meter is in an electric cupboard down the end of the hall about 30 meters away. British Gas have said in the past they can't fit a smart meter because of the distance from the meter to my flat.
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    How old are your mechanical hard drives?

    1 x Hitachi Travelstar 60gb date 2005. Still in use in an old Acer Travelmate 4150 5 x WD Scorpio Blue 500gb 2.5 inch in USB enclosures from 2008
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    Windows 7 Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end

    You could try running one of the many flavours of Linux :thumb:
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    Overcoming win 10's nonsupport of Office 2000

    Open Office Libre Office Both are alternatives to M$ Office and used by a few members of the forums.
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    winload.efi error warning on W7 boot up.

    Linux :fool:
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    Brexit, Morals and Finance

    For peace of mind I would do the £23K install at the higher EU standard. That way you have your ar*e covered when Brexit falls flat on its face again in October and for when you get that one fire inspector that does everything by the book.
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    News Windows Defender gets top AV awards

    I think it must be going on a year now that I have been using just Windows Defender + Malwarebytes every couple of months.:thumb:
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    Windows 10 1903 update.

    Normally I just get on with what ever updates Microsoft push out, but this 1903 update has annoyed me. Firstly on both my desktop and laptop when I login it takes a good minute before I get to my desktop, before the update it was near instant. Microsoft also decided to change my desktop...
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    Netflix, Cambridge Analytica movie

    I got shot of FB, Whatsapp and Instagram at the start of the year. With O2 I have unlimited texts so more than enough to keep in contact with family and friends and for close family ( parents / sisters ) I use Facetime.
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    Trip's Interesting Video Thread

    Brian Shaw be like: Hold my beer.
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