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    Overclock i7 worth it?

    Is it really worth the effort to overclock? I don't know that's why I'm asking. Would I notice a real improvement in performance if I overclocked my i7? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you
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    CB Radio

    HaHa. No worries buddy. That's funny. Take care my friend. Cheers from Down Under.
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    CB Radio

    Hi Abarbarian. Are you a CB operator? Do you have an interest in radio's?
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    CB Radio

    Wow, I can't believe the lack of interest that CB Radio generate these days. The sunspot cycle is on it's way up again so when summer hits it's highly likely that we will be talking into the USA from Australia when conditions are right. The CBer's in the USA are already preparing their antennas...
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    Windows 7 to 10 Upgrade

    I had the same issue and was very hesitate to go to windows 10. Now that I have it I realize that it wasn't such a big deal doing the new install. I really like Windows 10 now, very easy to use. I just put all my files onto a back up hard drive, formatted and installed. Afterwards I just took my...
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    radio noise on phoneline

    Try running any audio cables or wires through a fer-rite core several times as this creates a very high impedance to RF signals while not affecting the audio. I have found that it is the best cure for RF interference.
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    HAM Radio [& The Horror of it All]

    Are there any ham radio or CBer's out there that are still into the hobby? It seems like the internet has kinda killed the hobby a little.
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    CB Radio

    Yes we like our tech stuff here in Oz. Are you a radio operator yourself?
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    Radio interference with PC speakers

    I have had similar issues and overcome it by wrapping the speaker wires through fer-rite toroid cores several times. This creates a very high impedance to any stray RF signals but doesn't affect the audio. Works a treat.
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    HAM Radio [& The Horror of it All]

    In Australia the Ham test is just multiple choice questions. Back wen I sat the exam we had to pass morse code as well at 10 words per minute. A lot harder back then.
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    CB Radio

    I have a CB Radio. I love the things and have been using them since 1979 when CB's were first made legal in Australia. I now have my Amateur Radio License. Great hobby.
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    Signature in Profile

    Thanks Folks, appreciate your help and kindness.
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    Canon TS5060 Inkjet Printer

    Hi Becky It's a pleasure, happy new year to you, best of wishes.
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    Canon TS5060 Inkjet Printer

    Hi Folks If you are after a new printer for your home or small office then take a look at the Canon TS5060. It is perhaps one of the best inkjet printers that Canon have released in years. What I like about it is it's compact size, it's ease of use and with Canon's thermal printhead it is less...
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    Priming ink cartridge

    Often you will find that they haven't dried up but whats actually happened is that ink has dried inside the printhead and no ink can get through the nozzles. This is a very common occurrence especially with Epson printers. More often than not it occurs straight after replacing the ink...