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    Happy Birthday Muckshifter

    Happy b-day Mucks! :)
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    Happy Birthday Daveydoom

    Thanks everyone :) . Haven't had much time lately to spend online. Not just here, at all forums. Was busy on my birthday, it was pretty low key :) .
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    Mucks is the Birthday Boy!

    Happy b-day mucks, hope you had a good one :) .
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    what is the best Registry Cleaner

    Don't hold your breath :lol: .
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    Drink driving

    This is absolutely terrible news, I am so sorry to read this. A parent should never have to bury their child. Take care of yourself.
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    Excel VBA in Excel 07 Line Style Cap Type

    Try recording the macro (I believe it's in Tools > Macro > Record new macro)and format your data the way you want it. When you're done, stop the recording and go back and view the source code. You can then modify things as required (if required) :) .
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    Excel Help with Excel VBA

    If you're saying you want to exlcude rows where the first cell in column A is empty, just sort by column A so that all empty cells in column A are at the bottom. Then continue to work with the rest of the data.
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    Happy Birthday Muckshifter

    Happy b-day Mucks. All the best to you :) .
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    Have you done any Computer Training?

    Pretty much self taught and forum taught :) . College education in Electronic Engineering Technology, took a website design course years ago and started the A+ certification course at one point although I never finished it due to lack of time . I also worked in High Tech manufacturing for 9...
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    Anti Virus and Spyware for Apple

    It's a good idea to use such software :) . Here are a few programs I know of: I'm not well versed with Macs at all so I've never used any of these...
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    Windows Vista Windows firewall

    I'm not sure I agree with that :) . You may wish to read this:
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    presumed infected and looking for hijackthis

    Download link for HijackThis from TrendMicro: I've never seen any logs from any tools or fixes that show a history of where you've been online. That's your business, not anyone else's :) . The authors of the...
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    Windows XP Offline work

    Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections tab. Either delete the connection that is present if you never plan on making a connection with it or else simply select the radial button beside "Never dial a connection" :)
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    anti virus spyware thingy wotsit

    Another vote for AntiVir here. I'd recommend SUPERAntiSpyware as well but I'd skip Spybot Search and Destroy and use MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware instead ;) . The biggest thing you get from the paid programs is automatic updates or more frequent updates. Those things are very good of course...
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    ntoskrnl.exe & shell32.dll query

    It's not a false positive ;) . It reports it as being changed, not as an infection so it can't be a false positive :) . Those files are constantly being updated by Windows updates, etc so AVG is actually doing it's job by indicating that the file has changed :) . If it reported it as...