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    Clocks go BACK this weekend.... :(

    Lol! Well,, I am not liking the time change, that is for certain!
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    Clocks go BACK this weekend.... :(

    We do not set our clocks back until the 1st weekend in November,, though I admit, ~ 'tis several days 'til all clocks are changed; so, 'twill be 1 time setting in kitchen, and another in living room, ~ and sometimes even 2 time zones in living room, as cable clock changes automatically whilst...
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    Happy Birthday Captain Zed!

    Happy birthday! :)
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    I'm glad all went well for you :)
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    Discussion: The US Presidential Election

    There comes a time when one must laugh,,, or lose their minds; I reckon this is one of them,,, ~
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    Discussion: The US Presidential Election

    We need something to laugh about here, that is certain,,,!
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    Been teaching myself how to paint

    My goodness, ~ a most excellent talent you have, Becky, ~ fab! :)
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    Happy Birthday CITech!

    Happy birthday! :)
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    Thank you all so very much :) :) The day did not start out so well weather-wise, but later cleared up, ~ so hubby took me out for a lovely birthday dinner :) { ,,, and I don't know how they always seem to manage it, but our 2 kitties somehow managed to sneak out to the shop, and I found...
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    Happy Birthday Historian!

    Happy birthday!
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    Discussion: The US Presidential Election

    I believe we will be, flopps,,,,
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    What colour eyes do you have?

    Blue here, as well :)
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    lol @ blurring out animal faces!
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    Birthday Greetings Abarbarian!

    Happy birthday! :)
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    Landscape Photographs ... with a Twist.

    Cheers for that, Mucks :)