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    144hz via DVI to Display port

    Thanks again TriplexDread. Also thanks for the link too Mucks. Will have a look into it after work. Displayport is available/free on the monitors, so that's definitely the connection method I was looking at, especially as the other option (HDMI) wouldn't support the 144hz as you all know...
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    144hz via DVI to Display port

    I understand where you're coming from, I do. She needs 2 screens as mentioned, so I'd have to buy another 2 and then another desk, plus where would that desk go? I don't live in a mansion lol, although I welcome suggestions and I thank you for yours. Several options are possible under the...
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    144hz via DVI to Display port

    It is the Asus X58 Sabertooth (as in my sig of course). Must have been released around 2010 maybe. Hilarious that I fell for the "military grade components" marketing at the time as part reason for buying. Never again haha
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    144hz via DVI to Display port

    Hi TriplexDread Thanks for the advice. Using laptop screen wouldn't be any good as she needs dual screens to help with the work she does. Could change over connections I guess, so I can get at least 120hz without buying DVI D? Other possability would be to buy a graphics card which isn't top...
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    144hz via DVI to Display port

    Hi all. Hope everyone is keeping safe? I have an old graphics card (Asus GTX580). I recently bought 2 Asus VG249Q monitors (1080p @ 144hz max). Couldn't afford 1440p so went with these as they come down in price recently. The other half has her work laptop connected to them via HDMI, so...
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    970 Geforce cards

    You can get this card for £292.28 from Amazon if you look to the right panel (You can't trust the cheapest price to be set at default anymore). With that said, what is it with the 7 series cards i.e 780s and 780s Ti compared to these 9 cards ??? Are they meant to be next gen or is it some...
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    970 Geforce cards

    Hi Guys I saw a while ago that you could buy cards in the link below, but I thought the next step would have been 8 series GTX as the last I new the latest were 780s and the TI's etc. Are these the next gen or are they meant to be some kind of cheaper price alternative...
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome. I know nothing about web design but you can pretty much get advice on most areas here. Hope you enjoy the stay.
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    Birthday greetings Peahouse05

    Happy Birthday Peahouse05. Hope you've had a good un.
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    Birthday greetings Me_2001

    Belated Happy Birthday Me_2001. Hope yesterday was everything you wanted it to be.
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    Death of a Friend.

    Sorry to hear that too Feckit. Our thoughts are with you and his family at this difficult time.
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    Birthday Greetings Nivrip

    Happy Birthday Nivrip Hope you're having a great day and you were 106 last year, so hate to break it to you that we're celebrating your 107th !!! :D
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    Birthday Greetings Reefsmoka

    Happy Birthday Reefsmoka. Hope you having a great day and not in work working.
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    Can't get away now.

    Are they serious? I think it's a waste of money too. Someone at Police HQ has been sniffing too much glue to think this was a great idea. It's like when the King has gone mad and orders his troops into a battle that will get them decimated in 0.2 seconds.
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    For Sale FOR SALE: Gigabyte Windforce GTX 670 Graphics Card

    I'd just be worried that it would break after a couple of months. I can't afford to make another purchase where it works for mere weeks and goes. Looks like a great card though and clearly better than my current 580. All the best with selling it for what you want Naylor. I would say ebay...