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    The PCR Movies Thread!

    Me too! I wondered why I never rated the other movie much when I saw it, just didn't click with me Hopefully this new one is the movie it should have been
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    Happy Birthday Crazylegs

    Oh my god just popped in and seen this Thanks guys and gals On a side note I had my first Covid vaccination yesterday, it was the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine. No side effects, feel good, gotta wait for the second now within the next 3 months, anyone hesitant in having it, don't be, it was just the...
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    TV Shows!

    Its a slow burner for me at the mo, watching the odd episode now and again, its not a binge watch for me, but seems to be livening up with each episode
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    100Ah 12v Battery voltage under load

    Ahhh gotcha I take it you know not to discharge below 50% charge in AGM cells for the longevity of the battery, looks like your just going to be within parameters.
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    100Ah 12v Battery voltage under load

    So does that mean your battery is shot Ian, how old is the Battery? Is this a campervan setup?
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    TV Shows!

    Absolutely loved it, even more than any of the Star wars movies, can't wait for season 3
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    TV Shows!

    Just binge watched Sky's "A discovery of witches" both season 1 and 2 and thought it was great, really enjoyed it and it had a great cast too. If you like your fantasy, science fiction, drama, this'll be right up your street!
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas one and all!
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    The Southwark Park Tavern

    Thats lovely Tash, thanks for posting also
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    The Southwark Park Tavern

    Brilliant Mr Flopp's, also like Ian I love reading this stuff When you wrote he shot him a withered look I nearly died, I got as far as "he shot him" and my jaw dropped :lol: Don't ever stop matey
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    Watneys Red Barrel

    Me and a mate always used to buy these to watch the FA cup finals each year. We got opening them down to a fine art after a while, yep as you say Mr Flopp's, Iceland's, Lidl's and Aldi's have been the places where you can buy these large kegs for a while now, lets hope the party 7's taste has...
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    Coronavirus Cure

    Yep I have been crunching the units since they first appeared on WCGrid, they are actually quite fast units to crunch at roughly 4.5hours per unit on my Laptop
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    TV Shows!

    Revisited Star Trek Enterprise (Scott Bakula) via my Netflix subscription Really enjoying it again, loving the continuating episodes about the Xindi super weapon that is destined to destroy Earth
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    Coronavirus Preparation

    I'll join ya in a Guinness Mr Flopp's :cheers: