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    TV Shows!

    I feel there are too many scenes with the fat sherriff in at the moment, other than that though its good, 5 episodes in so far
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    Music. What are you listening to right now?

    Absolutely stunning piece!
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    TV Shows!

    Finished the final episode of Season 1 last night, what a show! Fantastic plotlines and fighting sequences Warrior Season 2 has been given the go ahead :nod: :dance:
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    Flops' Friday mini blog

    Thats a very organised collection Mr Flopp's 14 Dusty disc's bless her :nod:
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    WCG Stats Wednesday 08 May 2019

    :wave: Hi all
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    Bargain SONY cashback is back, up to £200 off cameras, Lenses, accessories, etc Promotion runs from 1st May 2019 to 2nd September 2019 :dance: Cashback can be seen on Jessops and Amazon's websites already!
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    Summer of '69

    First thing that came into my head whilst viewing the photo's Mr Flopp's was "Hey hey we're the Monkee's, people say we monkey around" :lol:
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    TV Shows!

    Can't wait for this!
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    TV Shows!

    Been watching American Gods A bit weird at first but I'm liking it!
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    Bargain SSD Bargain

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    Windows 10 Fed up with Win 10

    Wow after reading that little lot, I'm glad I'm still using my Win 7 Home..Trouble free of course for the last umpteen years now.. Mr Flopp's I do hope you are now trouble free with your installation!
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    England Vs Finland

    Was 8c here earlier, couldn't believe it, felt almost tropical :dance:
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    England Vs Finland

    Hasn't gone above minus 4 here all day, blood y brass monkeys
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    England Vs Finland

    It done the same here Flopps in the burbs :nod: