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    Hisense TVs any good?

    Lovely stuff Ian
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    Windows 7 Support for Windows 7 is nearing the end

    I shall carry on using Win 7 and I use Sophos security on all my devices
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    Hisense TVs any good?

    Good stuff Let us know nearer the time and we'll knuckle down to find you a deal if we can!
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    Hisense TVs any good?

    Ian you got ya telly yet?
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    TV Shows!

    Yep I done a binge watch too and agree its very watchable, love the fact normal bods are able to thwart the super heroes in this, looking forward to seeing what they come up with in season 2 if theres gonna be a season 2
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    Brexit, Morals and Finance

    Reading your tale Mr Flopp's and I have some advice I did work in a large secondary school for over 8 years so have a little knowledge in this area.. I do know that a schools Bursar will always take the lowest quote from a tender, thats a given.. I think in this instance its worth putting in 2...
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    Hisense TVs any good?

    That is indeed another great deal too! Let us know how the viewing went Ian
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    Hisense TVs any good? Thought this was a good deal, 55" plus a Roku stick to make it a fully smart TV and a Richer sounds 6 year warranty
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    Hisense TVs any good?

    No problem Ian I will lookout for you and if one comes up will shoot you a pm
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    Hisense TVs any good?

    I got my mum this 4K HiSense 50" TV Got it from Argos a couple of months back and it came with a 2 year warranty as standard, that was the kicker as all others were just 12 months warranty.. Done a little digging on AV forums and it got good reception on there so went all in, price was around...
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    TV Shows!

    I feel there are too many scenes with the fat sherriff in at the moment, other than that though its good, 5 episodes in so far
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    Music. What are you listening to right now?

    Absolutely stunning piece!
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    TV Shows!

    Finished the final episode of Season 1 last night, what a show! Fantastic plotlines and fighting sequences Warrior Season 2 has been given the go ahead :nod: :dance:
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    Flops' Friday mini blog

    Thats a very organised collection Mr Flopp's 14 Dusty disc's bless her :nod:
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    WCG Stats Wednesday 08 May 2019

    :wave: Hi all