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    System Hang on Boot up

    Hi. Is the hard drive light on continuously? Does the machine start in "safe mode"? Covenant
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    Access Denied on Wireless Adapter Install

    Hi. I'm no expert but does your boss have administrator rights for his machine. Covenant
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    windows update: software installtions fails

    Assuminig you are using XP There could be several reasons for this. The one I've come across most is where Windows tries to install updates and fails. This often occurs after an XP repair. There is a batch file available on the M/Soft site that "fixes" the installer. You have a virus. No...
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    Bargain 8800gt...

    I normally have to run games on my 21" monitor at 1024x768 medium resolution to play smoothly - now I can run the Crysis demo (for instance) at the same res but with everything on high. I did have a 3D mark file with with previous hardware test results but I can't find it at the moment but I'll...
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    Bargain 8800gt...

    Bit of a late follow up, but I sold my 1950 Pro and bought one of these last week(BFG 512mb version). Performance is good, but more importantly, it uses my 21" Sony Trinitron quite happily which the 1950 wouldn't, it's quieter, and no more faffing around having to load Netframework and other...
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    Can't load up "Control Panel"

    Try going to the Start Search panel and typing Control. Covenant
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    Crysis Thread!

    My first post for ages. I've been doing one full time and two part time jobs forthe last 7 months just to get my new bits just so I can do justice to Crysis. I now have a Core2Duo 6550, Vista Premium, 3gb ram, 2x 160gb Maxtors, Akasa 460w PSU and a BFG8800GT. Hopefully it's paid off! Mind...
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    Portal Progress?

    Quite agree - darn good game (except that I'm a bit stuck!) Apologies for the late reply btw Covenant
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    Blue Screen And Error Message

    Does the machine start and run OK in Safe Mode? A quick Google shows there may be a problem with your network card / router setup. If you are able to, check Device Manager for any yellow exclaimation marks. Try removing or disabling the lan card / onboard lan. Covenant
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    Choice and thanks!

    Apologies that I "bit". I help out at a small computer firm who have made their reputation through the quality of their work and friendly helpful service, so I get to see life from "the other side of the counter". Unfortunately, not all customers are as considerate as yourself. One recent...
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    Choice and thanks!

    Did you hear that thud - it was me falling from my high horse. But in my defense, I took your post as it was written. Covenant
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    Choice and thanks!

    :( I hope you bought something from your local supplier as a thankyou. Covenant
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    Windows XP its my 40th b'day-need present-xp not booting - fastfat.sys - where to get sys disk?!

    Acer, in common with many other suppliers, do not give you the original media (WinXP ). You are only given the means to create a backup disk - which I guess you didn't do? As far as I know, the only way out of this is to obtain a copy of Win XP. You may end up having to buy one. If you do...
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    Problem booting windows

    Ignoring the "satirical" comment .... I think what Muckshifter meant was; what specification is your PC? ie How much memory, cpu, operating system etc. Have you fitted any new parts of added software recently? Covenant
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    Kaspersky legal free key(Bild support)

    A 6 month trial was of Kaspersky was on May's Personal Computer World mag Covenant