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    The Razer Phone

    Well... I suppose it's a good thing, to have yet another manufacturer of phones. But for once I would like to be surprised by something. I just don't see how these phones are set apart from the hundreds of other cheap Android phones. I wish MS hadn't dropped the ball so hard with Windows...
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    No UHD support in Office 2016?

    Great finds! Disabling acceleration took care of it. It's funny, when I googled it I didn't notice anyone remarking about their graphics card; had they all said they were running AMD I might've picked up on that. I doubt either company is rushing to fix this one so this fix is good to have...
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    No UHD support in Office 2016?

    I tried with a 28" QHD monitor running at 3840x2160 and it had the same issue.
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    No UHD support in Office 2016?

    Word's toolbar doesn't look "white" to me.
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    Bluetooth Virus Warning - BlueBorne

    iOS is just fine, as usual.
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    No UHD support in Office 2016?

    Had I not experienced this myself, I would not believe it. I upgraded my monitor from 23" 1080p to 27" 1440p, and Office can't handle it. Corrupted toolbars and random vertical black bars all over text in Outlook, Word, and Excel. I don't know if it's an issue with previous Windows versions but...
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    All these Companies use Linux

    Well, here we go again.... /sigh. Let's see how long I last this time :user:
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    Google Deepmind AI learns how to walk

    I think the next step is to make two humanoid figures race each other. Then the step after that is to make them race each other and to win by any means necessary. I hope that within my lifetime this advances far enough that we get to the point where we specifically have to write code to prevent...
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    All these Companies use Linux

    I want to switch. I do. Whenever I use Antergos I feel like it's a breeze of fresh air with endless possibilities. I just need to find the many ways in which I can do things with it that I can't already. The things that improve my experience, rather than a plethora of workarounds to try to...
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    All these Companies use Linux

    You are absolutely correct. I really should have been more careful with my phrasing, as I was referring to personal experiences and not trying to make universal statements. For me it is less of an issue with Linux as a platform as it is with third-party vendors electing not to support it. Yes...
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    Best wishes to you both, I really hope they can get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.
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    Final "bug bash" before Windows 10 Autumn Creators Update

    I can only assume this wonderful update will add a bunch of ****** juvenile game demos into my system as well, seems to be the way this company operates now.
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    All these Companies use Linux

    I don't post much but I remember when you switched. You went Linux, came back to Windows due to an issue/frustration, but then went to Linux again. Mint was what eventually turned it around for you, I think. It was a very common switch experience and it was interesting to observe. I wish I could...
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    Microsoft giving ebooks

    Microsoft is giving away e-books on Microsoftian topics in case someone is interested. Some reference manuals can be useful. Link...